Here is Why You Should NOT Go Natural

Before I begin, going natural is for everyone and I think every women in the world would look beautiful with her naturally textured hair if worn with confidence and kept healthy. However, if you are considering going natural, and the following is one of your reasons why, please wait because you will just be discouraged, disappointed, and may end your journey abruptly.

If you think your hair will look like


Natural Hair



or This (For the record, I love LOVE Tracee! No shade. And her hair is beautiful too)

Via Google Images
Via Google Images

Don’t go natural. Now, I don’t know your level of Cherokee in your family so you may have natural hair that looks like that. But the truth is, you have no clue what your natural hair looks like so if it doesn’t look like the above, your disappointment will be heavy and you will quickly look at your hair in a negative light.

If you are going natural just to grow your hair long

Everyone’s hair grows at a similar speed of about a 1/2 inch per month. But, most naturals that are out in the forefront of this crusade have hair down their back after big chopping only a year ago. Your hair may not grow fast and you may take 4 years to get to bra strap length. That doesn’t mean your journey is unsuccessful or something is wrong with your hair. By entering the journey length obsessed, you are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to meet some made up standard.

Because it is trendy

While natural hair is totes #trending right now, it is a lifetime commitment in more ways than aesthetically. The natural hair journey challenges what you consider beautiful, how you view yourself, and your self-esteem. Plus, it is a lot of effort to go from permed to natural. Way more effort than I’d be willing to put in for a trend.

You don’t feel like doing your hair anymore

Contrary to haters belief, natural hair does require maintenance, time, love, and care. You can’t just go to bed sans bonnet and hop in the shower and leave with a effortless wash and go. It just does not work like that. You will be in for a big, dry, tangled, surprise.

You think it is going to be easy

Having natural hair opens you up for criticism, unsolicited opinions, and thoughts. It takes a back bone to put up with some of the crap people will try to give you. You have to be ready for your boss to ask you to straighten your hair before a presentation or your man to say he hates your TWA. If you think you are going to go natural and have nothing but support and admiration, then stop and consult some of your natural friends about their experience.

6 thoughts on “Here is Why You Should NOT Go Natural

  1. Absolutely true really liked the “because its trendy” section!


  2. Great girl and so true! Especially part of it being so easy to take care of natural hair! He he he.


  3. Soooooooo true…good post hun. 🙂


  4. So true…Love the keep it real flow here! Going natural has its benefits but it also comes with its struggles!


  5. Really enjoyed this! There is a lot to consider before big chopping and your reasons should be genuine. It should be personal. And your man should support you.

    -Man who loves his wifes natural curls


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