6 Celeb Kids That Embrace Their Natural Hair

You don’t have to look far in the celeb world to find a super adorable kid. But, you may have to dig a bit further to find one that has a parent that allows and encourages them to embrace their natural hair. The kids we typically see bouncing around with a head full of curls have just that; a head full of curls. But, just as expected, when a celeb kid has the kinkier type of hair, well, that is less than celebrated. Until right now! Here are 6 curly and kinky haired kids that are killing it in this natural hair game:

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1. Blue Ivy- You already know I adore Blue’s super kinky naps. I love even more that Bey let’s her wear it out and forgoes the braids and ponytails all the damn time.

2. Genesis- The super cute daughter of Viola Davis has a perfectly nappy afro that suits her very well.

3. Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt- I love that I never see this little one with her hair straightened or a head full of weave (though she does occasionally have braids). It is especially necessary for her to embrace her naps since her brothers and sisters and parents have a totally different texture.

4. Zuri Ross- Is it normal to have hair envy over a child’s hair as an adult? Well I do because her hair is SO beautiful and I LOVE that she is reppin’ 1 time for a real image of black girls on Disney.

5. Cree Mowry- This little guy has a head full of curls and, while people love to share their unreasonable opinions about him having longer hair than them, he is very handsome. Rock those buns!

6. Kenzo- The son of the beautiful baby making lady Kimora and the chocolate drop Dijmon Hounsou, Kenzo is going to be such a handsome man in the future and that kinky fro definitely adds to his already rich gene pool.

Take a lesson from these tots and their parents. Embrace your natural hair and encourage the same in your children!

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