Big Chop VS Transitioning

When you have finally decided to take the plunge and make the commitment to go natural, the age-old question is should you transition or should you just big chop after a month or so. While I can’t tell you that you should definitely do one over the other, here is the run down for each to help you decide:

Big Chop- This is when your hair has grown out to about an inch or so and you cut off the permed excess which usually is most of the hair on your head.


1. You can just get it over with. Instead of building up the anxiety of how much hair you will have, how you will look, will you like it, you can just do it and deal with your natural hair.

2. It is a lot less maintenance. Since your hair is only about 1-4 inches long, it is very little work.

3. You get to play with your natural hair right now as oppose to dealing with textures and trying to please them both.


1. There is no buffer period for you to be able to brace yourself. You have to go knee deep into natural without a plan B.

2. Short hair may not be the ideal look on you but you kind of have to deal until it grows out.

Transitioning- This is when you grow out your perm without cutting off your straight hair. This can last a few months or over a year.


1. You can always change your mind. While I do not cosign that option, it is always an option.

2. You don’t have to totally figure out how to go natural and how to take care of it all at once. You can take your time.

3. You can hold on to your length and allow your natural hair to grow to your desired length.


1. Your hair will have two different textures that will need two different types of care. It can be difficult to maintain.

2. The permed hair may become damaged in the process which isn’t so bad because you will cut it eventually but you will have to deal with it until then.

3. There will be the ultimate struggle to blend the different textures. You  will struggle with deciding whether you should straighten your curls and risk heat damage or if you should try to curl the permed hair to match the curls.

I transitioned for 4 months and I wish I would have big chopped after 2 months. My permed hair was such a nuisance and I was just fed up. After I cut it, my hair flourished. That, of course, was just my experience. Only you know what will work for you!

2 thoughts on “Big Chop VS Transitioning

  1. Well done girl!!!


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