10 Stereotypes Black Women Should Own With Pride

MHM memeStereotypes are usually awful judgy assumptions that are offensive and often times a grossly blanketed idea of a certain group of people. There are countless stereotypes about black women that are meant to offend and harm; but, these are 10 stereotypes black women should totally own with pride:

We are loud

You want to hear me don’t you? You will hear us above all whispers, across the Appalachian mountains, and through the valleys.

We are sassy

There is nothing like a neck roll, tooth sucking, and finger snap to get your point across. My sass has taken me quite far.

We are good in the kitchen

 How can that possibly be a bad thing?

We are always the strong one

Your husband gets fired, your kid gets suspended, and your boss is getting on your nerves. But, your family can undoubtedly count on you to make a dollar out of 15 cents and warm the house with a fire made from toothpicks.

We are voluptuous

We have shapely hips, big ol’ butts, and wear it better than anyone else. As a matter of fact, according to Vogue, it is the year of the butts.

We just love some fried chicken & other soul food delights

Soul food is quite parallel to southern cooking that really developed when the slaves had to make a meal out of the scraps they were given. So, yes, I love soul food and all of the soul that comes with it.

We are stern with our children

A good finger waggin’ and talking to never hurt anyone. We keep our kids in check so that they go out into the world knowing how to respect others and treat people the way the want to be treated. Otherwise mama will be waiting inside with a switch.

Our hair is nappy

You already know how I feel about this one. If you don’t, here.

We speak ebonics; all of us

While ebonics can be found in the speech of most people, it is also a subversion of Standard American English and also has rules and specifications. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other. Being able to fluently understand and speak in ebonics and transition into Standard American English is actually impressive and not easily done by anyone.

We only listen to rap, use confusing slang, and are a part of this seemingly secret subculture

Well, that is just called being cool. No, but really– black women are cultural, interesting, cool, and have the ability to totally immerse themselves in this culture of black Americans while still having a foot out in the rest of the world. Trust me when I say, some of the smartest black women I know, college educated and above, know every word to Bobby Shmurda, dance included.


We all have hard to pronounce, never heard of, one of a kind names

People seem to forget our rich heritage that, while we are further removed from due to the slave trade, still impacts our actions today. As a culture, we are naturally creative and many times we like to use names that are connected to our heritage and express our creativity. So, yes, we name our kids Tyrone, Shaniqua, and Javon because picking a name out of a book is just not good enough. My name is Latifah and I wear it with pride.

9 thoughts on “10 Stereotypes Black Women Should Own With Pride

  1. This was a ridiculous post and not worth any merit. I am ashamed of the author.


    1. Thanks for your input.

      While you are entitled to your opinion, I would like to say that these stereotypes are ones that are already out in the world living and breathing without my input. Just like 99.9% of stereotypes, they do not apply to ALL black women and they certainly don’t mean that black women are like this ALL of the time. I am loud, like I literally just have a loud voice, and am proud of it. I am sassy when it is appropriate. It is possible for black women to be multidimensional. We can own these stereotypes because there is nothing wrong with being sassy and educated or stern with your children while being equally loving if not more. It seems as if you read the stereotypes and took it as this stands for all black women all of the time. That is not the message here. It is a celebration of being able to be ourselves, which SOME of those characteristics are stereotypes and be smart and successful. It is a something to be proud of. And, frankly, I am.


  2. This is the most ignorant and stereotypical article I’ve ever read but worst of all, it perpetuates the stupid things that are unjustly associated with black women. I am not loud, nor do I LOVE fried chicken and have “nappy”hair. I’m not even convinced a black woman wrote this.


    1. Thank you for your input.

      There is nothing wrong with being loud, sassy, liking soul food, or having nappy hair. You do not have to be sassy and loud in an interview. or other inappropriate times. This is not all or nothing. The purpose of this article was to highlight stereotypes that do not have to be negative. You can be smart and also loud. You can love fried chicken in moderation but be totally healthy. Soul food has been a part of our culture for centuries. I am sorry that offends you but it does not offend me. These stereotypes do not have to define a black women as being stern with my son and sassy around my friends and using words like ratchet when I am in a comfortable casual environment does not define me. Black women can be these stereotypes and turn around and be the First Lady on Monday morning. You do not have to denounce characteristics of being a black woman to prove that you are so far removed from NEGATIVE stereotypes like not keeping a man, being overweight, being neglectful, being “ghetto”, not being educated, not being cultured, and so on. I can be loud, sassy, educated, stern, love soul food, black music, the arts, be loving, vulnerable, happy, etc. I can be all of those things listed above while still disproving negative stereotypes. This is not an ignorant article as I am all of the things listed above and college educated, a mother of a smart boy, live in a nice neighborhood and I do not let stereotypes define me. I define me. I hope the same for you. I hope you are able to embrace the good things about being a black woman that society has convinced you are bad and success blockers. Also, if you chemically straighten your hair, that is why it isn’t nappy. Embrace the word nappy. I promise you, it is so freeing.


  3. I see what this author is saying. And I understand what she is saying too. There is nothing wrong with positive stereotypes just those negative stereotypes is what brings us down as a culture. Although some if it was “ugh” for me, there were some that I was saying “yup” to. I think sistas have more of a problem with these positive steryotypes than my other cultured friends. I embrace my nappy, kinky hair everyday and I love the fact that people notice me not only because of my hair but because of my spirit and personality. Yes I listen to rap and hip hop, but I also listen to pop and country. Yes I’m loud, but I know when to turn it off. BUT I do not agree with the name thing. I refused to name my son something that brought a NEGATIVE steryotypes to him. His name is Adrian, I feel that name will get his foot into more opportunities in life.


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