Read This Before Putting A Weave in Your Daughter’s Head

As a black woman in America, we are constantly bombarded with reasons to feel like we aren’t enough. Our hair is too nappy, our skin is too dark, our lips are too full, and so on. Self hate is accessible anywhere we turn. While a weave seems innocent enough since it can be seen as an accessory to enhance your daughter’s features, it is actually working against her in ways you may not even see.

When I was a little girl, getting a perm and being allowed to wear weave was like a right of passage into woman hood. When my new growth grew out or it was time to take my weave out, I felt completely inadequate, ugly, and unattractive. My self-esteem was through the roof when my baby hairs were slicked down unnaturally and my weave ponytail was swinging in the summer breeze. As soon as I didn’t have those things, my self-esteem plummeted.

Those feelings of inadequacy are the same feelings your daughter will be exposed to. Give your daughter a fighting chance to love herself and feel like she is enough. Weave can be a fun, flexible accessory that can be great for protecting her natural hair when she is older and her self-esteem and self-worth are established.

What do you think is an appropriate age to let your daughter wear weave?

1 thought on “Read This Before Putting A Weave in Your Daughter’s Head

  1. soooooooooooooooo agree with you…great read!!


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