Is Natural Hair Professional?

While this is a question that I hear a ton, I still think it is completely absurd that it is even a question.

Is grass green?

Does the sun shine?

Is water wet?

I mean, the answer is just as obvious. Of course natural hair is professional. Just like my skin color, my nappy, kinky hair is a part of me that I can, but choose not to, change. Firstly, the way I look is not an accurate scale to measure my work competency. I mean, this is coming from a woman that had her neck pierced (another story for another time).

Secondly, your preconceived notions of what a natural hair black woman is do not effect me. I do not have to live up to whatever stereotype you have built in your head. Typically that stereotype is that I am aggressive, prideful (too much), and militant and that can be off putting in the work place. However, my natural hair is not this thing to be judged by you. It is as a part of me as my skin color.

So, if you come across your DREAM job that you are totally qualified for and they are hesitant to hire you and you for sure know that it is associated with your hair, it is not your dream job. Abort mission. Exit immediately.

My hair and I are a packaged deal. I can wear it professionally, whatever that means, if that is the work environment that I am in and I suggest the same for other naturals. Feel out the office or job, figure out how your style can fit into there, and work it– oh wait no, WERK IT!

1 thought on “Is Natural Hair Professional?

  1. ha ha i loved this….my hair is something that is apart of me, so if you want me then that includes my kinkiness ha ha


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