The Definitive Guide to Dating a Natural Hair Woman

Dating can be a complicated web of games and awkward moments until you find the perfect person. Then it turns out that perfect lady just so happens to be natural.

So what, right? You’ve never dated a woman with natural hair but what could be so difficult, right? 

Just because I love you guys and want your dating life to thrive, I have put together this definitive guide to dating a woman with natural hair. Go ahead, read it and thank me later.

1. Just because she is natural doesn’t mean she wants you rolling down all of the windows in the car while going 90 on the highway and she might not want to take long walks along the shore line during a rainstorm. The thing is, no woman likes to look like a soaking wet windblown dog. Natural or not.

2. You will come to realize after a couple of sleepovers that her night time hair will look like Ceile while her day time look is more Solange. It may confuse you and it also may take a few sleepovers to realize what is going on. Deal with the night time look silently.

3. If your lady’s twist out, braid out, or bantu knot out comes out jacked up the next day, be prepared for a frantic, stressed induced attitude equipped with teeth sucking and a sprinkle of profanity. Remember this, it’s not you, it’s the hair. Don’t take it personal.

4. Do not under any circumstances move her satin bonnet/scarf. You will end up searching for it all night because she is not going to risk breakage and thin edges by sleeping on a dry cotton pillow because YOU couldn’t keep your hands off of her stuff. It is in your way, then work around it.

5. For extra points that will definitely get you a little extra sugar, mention that her twist out is looking exceptionally kinky chic today. I recommend waiting until you can tell the difference between a twist out and a FLAT twist out.

Now go find your natural goddess and treat her right!

5 thoughts on “The Definitive Guide to Dating a Natural Hair Woman

  1. ha ha i love this….so true


  2. Hilarious and right on! I might use this once I actually start dating again. I would add to not be surprised if there are extra little “hair wisps” around the place when we detangle, either in the shower or the living room:-)


  3. Love this post lol


  4. Love it…I have one to add. The guy that I’m dating likes to run his fingers through my hair and when I mentioned to him that I’d prefer that he not, he stated “I like the fact that it’s natural and not weave. Why don’t you like me to”? I replied…”uhhh because it takes work getting it to lay just right and when you start running your fingers through it, it will not just fall back into place. It will mold into the shape of your hand or whatever direction you push it into.” Needless to say, this was lost on him. Lol


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