20 Thoughts Every Natural Has Had When Buying Products

One thing that most, if not all, natural women have in common is that over-buying-need-every-product-that-has-ever-been-created-or-talked-about phase in their journey. I most certainly did. Standing in the hair product isle of any store gave me an instant drug like rush. And usually these thoughts were going through my mind:

Ok. I just came to get my same shampoo that I always use.

Hmm hmm hmmmm hm where is the Renpure.

Wait a second! Didn’t I run out of conditioner too?

Oh, nope I didn’t.

But, let me look at the conditioners anyway.

Shea Moisture has a new line.

Great, I will get that conditioner to just try it out. 

Back to finding my shampoo.

Oh, I have always wanted to try these protein treatments.

But will it make my hair brittle?

Mmm, guess there is only one way to find out.

Well, I should probably grab one of the caps to help it penetrate into the hair.

Did I pick up a shampoo yet? Sheesh!

Edge control!? E D G E C O N T R O L?! YES!

I wonder if there is castor oil here. 

They sell Carol’s Daughters here too? Let me read some reviews.

Those reviews were inconclusive. Buy it!

Ok, the shampoo. Where is my shampoo? They don’t sell my shampoo?!

Well I have apple cider vinegar at home. At least I got these other products!

Successful trip? I think so. 

3 thoughts on “20 Thoughts Every Natural Has Had When Buying Products

  1. Girl, get outta my head!!! A trip to the hair store is worse than going to Target for me! Smh

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  2. This is me!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Priceless girl, love it☺☺☺☺

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  3. I always tell myself not to look at anything. Lol I walk in repeating the thing I want. Lol “tresseme tresseme tresseme” … Lol it doesn’t work though cause once I get it … I go “ooohhh treatments, clips , hair bands”. Need to find a solution to this problem

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