Wash & Go for 4C Natural Hair

This month’s contributor post comes from blogger/YouTubber  IamDatNaturalGirl . You can find her on her channel or on her blog at iamdatnaturalgirl.com. Follow her on Twitter @IamDatNaturalG, & Instagram @IamDatNatural.

Wash -n- Go’s. Yes, you read that right and there’s no need to run.  I have heard, on several occasions, of women feeling like that their hair have to be a certain type or length to achieve a Wash -n- Go.  I beg the differ.  The key is to understand why the hair isn’t define, finding the right products and, of course, technique. Once these key factors are in tact,  you’ll be on your way to achieving a define Wash -n- Go.  Let’s get on course!

A defined Wash -n- Go starts with the hair being trimmed (if necessary), pumping the moisture back into the hair (that’s why it’s frizzy), finding the right products for your hair (everyone’s hair is different), and technique (finding what works for your hair and sticking to it).Pic 1 of the wash n go

First, if you have any build up and dry hair, let’s shampoo the hair with a clarifying shampoo, then with your favorite moisturizing shampoo. Gently massage the scalp and then run the shampoo down the hair shaft. Remember gentle is the key. We want to start defining the curls from the shampoo phase. Allow the water to do most of the job when rinsing the shampoo out.Pic 2 of the wash n go

Next, apply your favorite conditioner; one that specialize in adding moisture to the hair. Apply this from ends to roots and let it sit for the desirable time. Rinse.

Now, it’s time for defining.  Using your favorite gel section the hair out, apply the gel to the strands and rub gently down the hair shaft.  We want to make the hair shaft smooth and we’re also working the moisture back into the hair.  Then begin finger combing the hair, being careful not to disturb the curls, like in picture one.  If you notice, in picture two, after a few times of doing this the curls are defined.  Keep doing these steps throughout the hair.

Pic 3 of the wash n go

Finally, add a little coconut oil (or whatever you prefer) and you are all set.  In picture three, I’m allowing my curls to air dry but, you can always use your blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to gently dry your curls. The steps taking above is to help train the hair. Once the hair is trained, the time spent doing this will lessen. There’s other steps to be taken when styling your Wash -n- Go but, I’ll share that in a later post.  Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Wash & Go for 4C Natural Hair

  1. Very nice but never works for me, as she dries, shrinks 100% percent, and then a pain to detangle later but am glad it works for other girls 😀


  2. I use a version of the Anthony Dickey method with inexpensive products. First, Emerge leave-in conditioner on soaking wet hair, second, Blue Magic, third, Eco Styler Gel. Minimized shrinkage and defined my curls. Best wash and go I have ever done and it took under 20 minutes!


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