Slow Clap for Vogue and Their Gentrification of Black Culture

Credit: Vogue

Last week, Vogue wrote a groundbreaking article about the discovery of big booties and how finally, after decades of booties being a thing to “tame”, celebs like J. Lo and Iggy Azalea have answered the big booty prayers of the rest of us and made them cool.


Oh, what about Beyonce, Keisha Cole, and almost every black female celebrity? What about their big butts? Well it turns out that when black women have big butts, it is nothing to go writing to Vogue about but, when white culture takes what we have physically had since the beginning of time and flip it around to now make it cool and then completely erase black women from the conversation, well, well now that’s cool. The article practically gravels at the derriere of J. Lo, Kim Kardashian, and even throws Miley Cyrus’ no booty having self in there while ladies like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna are mentioned in passing.

Of course this is nothing new, the thievery of our culture and our erasure from it. Remember when Marie Claire wrote about how Kendall Jenner was taking braids to an epic level when in actuality she was wearing her hair in styles that black women have been rocking since childhood.


Le sigh. Another sad story in the development of black culture. But, there are 3 good things I have to say.

1. It is undeniable that the black culture is the leader of cool. We define what is cool. Though, it is also undeniable, that other cultures would not be able to handle our cool full time. So, in some strange way, I’m flattered.

2. I read an epic essay about our invention of cool years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. It is so incredibly relevant. Read it here.

3. The black twitter hashtag #Voguearticles is AMAZING.

What are your thoughts on this ridiculousness?

3 thoughts on “Slow Clap for Vogue and Their Gentrification of Black Culture

  1. They forgot to mention than most of these celebs have had some intervention where else black women are simply born with the voluptuous booties. That is why I would like to see more black women on magazine covers in Denmark. I read the article on a Danish newspaper and was thinking, the person who wrote the article did not do any extensive research to support his claim. sad:-((


  2. That Kendell Jenner thing really pisses me off! I wrote and article about how our hair culture has been stolen for some time now in reference to white women trying to join the natural hair movement. Black folks are the inventors of cool!


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