Styling 4C Natural Hair Tapered Cut

As you ladies know, I recently cut my 4c natural hair into a tapered cut. Though I do love it now, it has taken some getting used to in order to figure out how I like to style it. Firstly, one of my best friends is getting married this month and  I am a bridesmaid. You are wondering why I just told you that in the middle of this style post. Well, when I decided to cut my 4c natural hair, I envisioned the sides being trimmed down much lower than they are but remembered that I am getting braids for her wedding and well, you know you have to have hair for that. So, the sides have definitely been the most challenging. But, with some tinkering, I have found the style set that works best for my hair.

The bantu knot out. 

Typically, when my hair was longer, I hated bantu knot outs because it just did not fall well on me. But after trying braid outs (major fail) and regular twist outs (again, major fail), I was left with good ol’ bantu to try and I love it! I only bantu knot the hair in the middle on the top as the sides are about 3-4 inches long and I want them to shrink as much as possible to give that low cut side look. I usually do about 9 knots with that hair. This is how I do them:

Firstly, I spray a mid size section with water and then moisturize with whatever I have on hand which is olive oil and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I then detangle that section with my Con Air faux Denman brush (comparison on those 2 brushes here) and two strand twist down to the bottom of the section.

I twist the hair around itself to form a knot and continue throughout that patch of hair. In the morning, because my hair is so extremely porous and afro textured, it tends to hold on to water for the entire night so I run the blow dryer on low (no heat damage, I assure you) to dry up the water left behind and unknot and untwist.

As far as my too long sides, I spray them with water, add some Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and rotate my palm over the hair for it to shrink up and I am usually satisfied with the results.

The bantu knot out saved me from shaving off all of my hair and starting over because I wasn’t sure how to style this cut. I will be shaving the sides down low the day after this wedding and any future brides to be friends of mine will have to deal.


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