Getting Featured, Contributing, & Free E-book!

Hello ladies!

Do you want to be featured on YFN? Or maybe you are a great blogger yourself and would like to contribute an original piece? If neither of those apply to you, then you can grab Young, Fabulous, and Natural’s e-book Guide to Your First Year Natural for FREE for a limited time! SO many options.

For features

If you would like to be featured, please contact me via the form below and I will reply with a fun, unique list of questions and instructions from there. Being featured on YFN will include a photo of you, a sweet bio that is just for you, and if you are a blogger, entrepreneur, orvlogger, we will link it in the feature! Ladies will be featured twice a month.

For contributors

Are you a writer with original ideas that are just the thing the natural hair community needs to read next? Well, submit your article idea to me the form below and I will reply via email. Contributor articles, with a link and information to your blog, will go up once a month.

Or get yourself a FREE e-book

That is right! I wrote an e-book that is a month to month guide for the first year of your natural journey. It is not about buying products, fitting into a certain standard of natural, or any of that. It is about defining your beauty standards and loving the hair that sprouts from your scalp. The e-book can be purchased on and will be free from August 29th – September 2nd.

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