Quiz: Are You A Product Junkie?

Are you the ultimate product junkie? Take this quiz now and find out!

1. How many shampoos do you have right now?

A. 3 or more

B. 1 for clarifying and another that is moisturizing.

C. I usually use apple cider vinegar but also have a backup.

2. How long do you use a product before deciding if you like it?

A. About a month

B. Until the product is empty.

C. I give it about a week at most.


3. How often do you buy a new product?

A. Usually only when I am repurchasing.

B. When my product is empty, I may take that chance to try something new.

C. Usually when I see something on sale.


4. How much do you spend on products per month?

A. $10-$20

B. I don’t limit myself to a budget.

C. My budget is more like $20 bimonthly.


5. You see on Twitter that one of your favorite brands has a new line premiering. The only thing is that it is $30 per 2 ounces. You:

A. Buy it! It’s your fav!

B. $30 for 2 ounces? Pass.

C. See if you can find a free sample to test it out and determine if it is worth it.


Tally up your points!

1. A= 6, B= 4, C= 2

2. A= 2, B=4, C= 6

3. A=2, B=4, C= 6

4. A= 4, B= 6, C= 2

5. A= 6, B= 2, C= 4

Click here to read your results!


2 thoughts on “Quiz: Are You A Product Junkie?

  1. Cool, cannot wait to see what I get 😀
    Thanks for this awesome post dear!!!


  2. Reblogged this on islandkynks and commented:
    Hello Ladies,
    Check out this cool quiz by youngfabulous&natural 😀


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