10 Reasons My Natural Hair is Never Done

I have noticed that in and about our community is the idea about our hair being “done“. People love to say, “I don’t have a problem with natural hair, as long as it’s done” or “Her natural hair is never done” and so on.

It especially irritates me because done is the most relative word possible to use to describe someone’s hair. My version of done may not, and usually is not, someone else’s version of done.

When I was young, fabulous, and permed in college, I was very casually dating a guy that I had mistakenly asked what he didn’t like about me. I blame his response on his age as this was in college but he said that my hair was never done. I mean, it was straight, I wore it down mostly; what else was I supposed to do to it?

I seem to be facing the same issue now with my natural hair. The only difference is I don’t give an ish because my never done hair is done enough for me. Here are 10 reasons why my 4c, nappy, natural hair ain’t never done:

1. Because a 3 day old braid out is super big and looks great.

2. I sometimes wake up with enough time to dress myself, my 1 year old, and slap some bobby pins and make up on.

3. Because undone is a lot better than done sometimes.

4. On breezy days, I let the wind determine my hair’s level of doneness. Blame the wind.

5. I am pretty certain that my hair has a mind of its own.

6. Because I love the look on people’s face when I wear an undefined fro. A mix of horror and what the F***.

7. Undone hair is a lot less effort.

8. That day I might have attempted a new setting style and you are enjoying the results.

9. I love when people look at my undone hair and then I pet it like yeah, I know.

10. My hair is never done because I ain’t got time for that!

All funnies aside ladies, you decide when your hair is done and when it meets your standards of done; not others. My hair might not be appealing to everyone but I love it and it is done to me!

1 thought on “10 Reasons My Natural Hair is Never Done

  1. Loooooove this! Totally agree with you. I’m the same way and love it just so. You’d be surprised how much your “undone” hair is inspiring others, so keep the confidence and all of the beautiful “undone’ness” :p


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