Why I Cut My 4C Natural Hair


For the last 6 or so months, I have been dying to cut my hair. I was bouncing between if I should or not. When I really boiled it down, the hesitation to cut my 4c natural hair was due to how others would perceive me. It seems to be that women with short natural hair have much less credibility than women with long, flowing locks, even if it is not well taken care of. I have been natural for 3 years and I felt like if someone came up to me and asked how long I’ve been natural, they would compare the length of time to the length of my hair and it wouldn’t add up.

But, almost spur of the moment, I decided that Tuesday was the day, I called my sister, and a few snips here, a few snip there– It was done!

I have to tell you, short natural hair is not for everyone but it is most certainly for me! My quality is not measured by my quantity. I feel confident, attractive, and like my hair is a part of my style rather than some hair plopped on top of my head. All I have to say is that it is just hair. More than that, it is your hair. So, rock it however you see fit.

I will be writing more about how I am styling my tapered 4c natural hair cut. It is certainly a learning curve but it is exhilarating getting to know my hair again. It is like going natural all over again but I know a ton more this time which helps.

5 thoughts on “Why I Cut My 4C Natural Hair

  1. Looks like an instant style. whats not to like?


  2. Good for you!!! It looks fab, so keep rocking it with confidence!


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