4 Ways to Rock Your TWA BETTER!


The TWA stage of going natural can be rough for many new naturals mainly because you are dealing with really short hair as well as your natural texture that you probably haven’t seen since 5th grade, if you’re lucky. You are trying to figure out how to take care of it while maintaining your sexy. So, you hop online and watch a gazillion hair tutorials for twist outs, braid outs, puffs, and so on. But, of course, none of it looks as amazing on you as it did on the girl with hair down past her shoulders. Then you start to look at your TWA stage as something that needs to be gotten pass. You don’t enjoy it, your hair is the same everyday, or you cover it up until it gets long enough to be what you think is acceptable. Well, let me tell you, that is the wrong way to approach the TWA phase. That time is essential to learning about your hair, how to make it healthy, and how to love your hair for what it is not how long it is. Here are 4 ways to stop hating your TWA and how to rock it better!:

1. Work with your length, not against it- I always see women with great TWAs but they have them pushed back with headbands to form this flat like saucer of kinks. The hair is too short to go up into a puff yet women still attempt it anyway and end up being frustrated. Work with the length that you have. Don’t attempt styles made for 10 inches hair and you have 2 inches of hair. It simply won’t work.

2. Don’t limit yourself- Your TWA is short but that doesn’t mean that you are restricted to just wash and go’s. Twist outs and braid outs give TWAs great texture and style options. Try out different setting styles and you will find your go to in no time. Also, experiment with parts and sleeker looks. Part your hair on the side a la Solange or pic it out to an actual undefined fro for an old school fro look.

3. Break out the accessories- I love a nice hair clip, headband, and subtle flower on a TWA. It totally transforms it from an everyday TWA to something special. Clip up the sides with some banana clips or smooth down one side and secure with bobby pins. Try out different accessories until you find what looks good in your hair.

4. CONFIDENCE- I have said this in another TWA related post. You have to have confidence. If you don’t believe your hair is amazing, I assure you no one else is. I knew a woman who had recently gone natural. She wore weaves often but would take them out to let her hair rest. When she had her weaves in, she would try so many different styles; ponytails, buns, clips, scarves, all of that. But, when she wore her TWA, it was the same ole saucer like headband situation every-single-day. It was obvious that her confidence plummeted when she didn’t have a weave in which negatively effected how I saw her hair. Now, had she snatched off that security blanket headband, slapped a part in her fro or did a chunky twist out or anything to show her style and personality, I would have probably been left wondering why she bothers with weaves at all. You have to believe it looks good and everyone else will follow.

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