Movie “Dear White People” Saying What We Are All Thinking



Dear White People is a satirical comedy dealing with ridiculously racially insensitivity of white Ivy League college students against their black counter parts. What I love most about this movie is that the one liners like  “Dear White People, the amount of Black friends required not to seem racist has just been raised to two. Sorry, your weed man Tyrone doesn’t count” are so painfully on point it is nearly unbearable. Of course this film is going to receive a ton of “This is reverse racism” and “If we made a Dear Black People film, we would be chased out of Hollywood as racists” also, the classic, “racism doesn’t exist in our generation anymore”. Well, here is what I have to say to that, SHUT UP! Reverse racism is something people made up. It’s not reality so cut it out. Secondly, yes, if there was a film titled “Dear Black People”, there would be a major up roar in Hollywood. But, then again, when’s the last time you saw a non-black person being murdered in a choke hold by the popo on the morning news? Racism is alive and well! People are still wearing black face at Halloween, black men still make up most of our prison populations with little to no opportunities for rehabilitation, and I still am judged by the color of my skin, the kink in my hair, and the sound of my non-generic name before I even open my mouth. People think racism is dead and gone because they are not the victim of it.

Whatever the case, take this film for what it is. It is a satire. It is supposed to be a funny spin on what really goes on in our society. It follows a group of black college students in a predominantly white Ivy League school and what they are faced with. But don’t you fret, it also deals with issues within our own community as one of the main characters, radio show host Samantha White, is biracial and seems to overcompensate for not being 100% black, whatever that means. It deals with black characters undervaluing their own culture, desperately striving to connect with their white fellow students. Of course the pro blacks are nappy while the “slavery has nothing to do with anything our community suffers from today” group all have perms and weaves laid to the GODS!

One of my favorite lines is when a white character says to an afro clad Lionel, “Lionel please, you are only technical black”.

I will definitely be supporting this film that brought itself up from an indiegogo funded project to the big screens! It is due to hit a theater near you October 17th.

Watch trailer below:

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