Perms by New Names to Trick Naturals

A perm by any other name is still a perm



So, companies have gotten whiff, more like a nose full, of the conscious natural hair movement. They are peering out at this growing community and trying to figure out how to market their same ol’ products, like perms and crappy shampoos and such, with new names. Perms are now being called texturizers, shampoos and conditioners have the words all natural  plastered all over the front larger than the actual product name, and other products have eye-catching words like olive oil, shea butter, and mango extract in the descriptions.

I don’t even know why I would want mango extract, to be honest.

But here is a little secret that I will pass along; it is all the same. Those texturizers are perms. Those natural products are the same crap they were pre-natural movement. And that shampoo, it is not special I assure you. Don’t be fooled by marketing tricks. Stick with what you know, products made for our hair, and companies that have some sort of mainstay in this community.



Whats the difference between natural and organic?

11 thoughts on “Perms by New Names to Trick Naturals

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    Caught this a while back with companies lie Motions and Dark and Lovely. Even if they make ‘natural’ products I don’t trust it!


    1. Girl, Pink Lotion is making that same pink lotion they were making in 95′ when I had my first perm but they slapped the words natural and olive oil on it! We are smarter than that!


      1. We are indeed!. thats a shame.. who do they think they are fooling?


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    Hmm.. naturals beware!


  3. Nezra's Opiate July 21, 2014 — 3:56 pm

    *Holds tightly to two strand twists*


  4. Those easy straighten treatments are clearly just kertain treatments, but I dont think they are perms. The chemical process is different, but neither is natural


    1. Yes, the use of the word perm is definitely loose in this instance. Because we all know, us ladies that have had perms before going natural, once you have a perm, your hair will NOT look like that ladies on the box! But, the product definitely harbors false hopes of having both of best worlds. Your hair cannot be genuinely straight, no reverting in sight, AND genuinely kinky/curly/nappy/and the like at the same time. Want straight hair? There are ways around treatments that come in a box with plastic gloves. As a general rule, I don’t trust anything that requires plastic gloves other than maybe hair dye.


  5. Those Natural African Curls July 21, 2014 — 8:18 pm

    These companies will do anything for a quick buck, but this is why its important to look at the ingredients of the products that you’re buying. Especially when they claim to be natural, but are advertising a straightening system. My eyes are peeled!!




    1. Absolutely! It is so important to read the ingredients. Companies are made to make money from trends. That is their business so, that is fine. But, they will NOT be making their next dollar on me by hoodwinking me. They know that black women are smartening up, even women that are not natural, and demanding more from their products. Their solution is to play into our insecurities and what we want at the same time. Make your money companies, but not my money!


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