Blue Ivy’s Hair Isn’t the Problem, You are!



Blue Ivy has been the center of a ton of ridicule, by grown people might I add, because they claim that her hair is not “done”. I’ve always had a serious issue with people saying that a child’s hair doesn’t look done.

Firstly, she is a baby still, toddler really. She is allowed to walk around with messy hair. That IS done for a child. She has the rest of her life to keep up with beauty standards.

Secondly, if she were not black or had a silky, racially anonymous hair texture, our community wouldn’t have a thing to say. But, because she is a little brown girl with kinky naps, it is necessary for Bey and Jay to do something to her hair. I don’t see petitions for other celeb kids who walk around with fly-aways, tangles, and messy ponytails.

Lastly, the appreciation of her natural hair texture starts now. By her parents letting her hair hang free, they are subliminally teaching her that not only is there nothing wrong with her naps, but they are beautiful. Braids, twists, and ponytails are adorable, of course. But, I sure find it refreshing to see Blue with her nappy afro just chillin.

Maybe if more of us wore our natural hair out as children, we would have appreciated it more. The backlash against Blue’s undone hair makes our community look self hating. I mean, a child with perfect virgin hair that is perfectly unharmed by heat or chemicals can’t even enjoy her naps without our hating selves attacking her. Shame on everyone that signed that petition. Really!

By the way, while you guys are creating ridiculously inappropriate petitions about Blue, she’s playing with her diamond encrusted rattle, picking her fro. Just saying.

5 thoughts on “Blue Ivy’s Hair Isn’t the Problem, You are!

  1. mindofmsankara July 19, 2014 — 7:17 am

    Reblogged this on Ms.Ankara and commented:
    This is too true. 👏


  2. Soooo true 🙌


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