Con-Air Brush vs Denman Brush

I have been a loyal advocate for the Denman brush for about a year. There was so much hype surrounding it that I eventually broke down, bought it, and completely fell in love. For a year, it was the only brush I used at all to style or detangle my fro. Even with a slight gash in the rubber and the bristles leaning, it was still the best brush I had ever used. But, I have a toddler that is obsessed with hiding things like a puppy. So, when my brush went missing and my toddler refused to give up it’s whereabouts, I had to head out to get a substitute to hold me over while I searched my apartment for my Denman.

So, off to my local Target, and I am lucky enough to have 2 local Targets, to find my replacement brush. I’d watched a review a while back on this Con-Air brush that has an outward design very similar to the Denman brush including removable bristles. This seemed like an obvious choice not to mention that the package said for thick coarse hair. I raced home to get this brush running through my hair since it had been about 2 weeks of finger detangling and my poor dogs were over it!


My very first reaction when I ran this brush gently through my naps was “OH MY GOSH! This is awful! I wonder if I could get my money back”. Let me tell you why; the bristles, although tapered, are extremely hard as well as the rubber that keeps them in place. This prevents the bristles from moving with the hair. That was a complete turn off and 100% reason for me to return it. But wait, there’s more.


Thanks to my laziness, I never got around to arguing with a Target cashier to get my money back for the brush. It sat on my sink, lonely and unused until I decided to give it another go. To my shocking surprise, the brush grew on me. The firmness of the bristles gave me a better detangle than I’d ever gotten with my Denman brush. It was perfect for creating sleek updo’s and buns. Overall, the Con-Air brush is perfect for detangling and styling due mostly to its firm bristles. The bristle insert does move quite a bit while in use, but it is not a deal breaker in my opinion. While I love this brush much more than I thought I would, I still think the Denman brush is great for shingling and defining curls. The flexible bristles stretch out curls and allows them to bounce back.

Each brush has its great qualities and really, I feel like I need both. At the moment, the Con-Air brush is my primary brush that I use daily. But, my good ol’ Denman, which I eventually found in the couch, is still great!

7 thoughts on “Con-Air Brush vs Denman Brush

  1. Reblogged this on KURLFRIENDS and commented:
    Hmm Denman or Con-Air? Loved this post!


  2. Aishia Rodgers June 17, 2014 — 7:16 am

    Ver nicely done. I’ll just get both and let them do what they do! Great post!!


    1. They are certainly both worth a try! I am so glad you enjoyed it.


  3. Can’t see myself parting with my Denman! Lol


    1. Of course not! The Denman brush is the classic in our natural hair world! But, I definitely think that the Con Air brush is a great addition. I like them both but separately.


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