The Audacity of the PERMED

I typically don’t try to go after women that have decided to perm their hair. In my opinion, of course I think natural hair is superior in many ways, but it is every woman’s right to decide what she wants for her hair. Honestly, it all goes much deeper than the way the hair looks. Curly or straight is just the superficial byproduct of an intensely deep journey of finding self-love that women with perms honestly don’t even know that their missing. (Que collective eye roll and teeth sucking).

BUT, when someone decides to go after other women that are deciding for themselves to go on that intense journey, I can get quite riled up. This picture was posted in a natural hair group that I am a part of: 


Now, I took the person’s profile picture and name off to respect their privacy. My first reaction when I saw this was this is exactly why we are where we are. Firstly, women that go natural are entering a completely foreign realm and are growing hair that they haven’t seen since childhood if at all. So, yes, like when learning anything else that is new, we may try a style that isn’t right for us or not allot enough time in the morning to create the perfect puff. But, one thing I can guarantee is that natural hair will always trump a relaxer and most certainly a weave. Like I previously said, the actual hair itself is superficial. When I went natural, I decided to accept myself and my culture a bit deeper and a bit stronger. I have the audacity to take the beauty standards of society and shove them right up their tight–. Going natural is called a journey for a reason and if there an unkempt bumps along the road, so be it.

Above all of that, many women with perms have incredibly high standards for women with natural hair. Every curl better be in place, frizz free, laid honey and if it is not, the wrath from the perm crew is deadly. But, women with perms can walk out of their house with scanty ponytails, bare edges, split ends to the root, and hair that is stiff as a board and that is acceptable. So, I say to this ridiculous woman, that on my worst natural hair day, and I have had some bad ones, my curls are far superior than the freshest perm and the most laid weave, honey.

3 thoughts on “The Audacity of the PERMED



  2. Aishia Rodgers June 17, 2014 — 7:26 am

    2 snaps**….the shade is real! Some people are so ignorant….it spares no race of gender. Even when I was relaxed I never had a negative thought or opinion on a natural. Anyway, you told them! Lol


    I have just nominated you for ´´The Fashionista Award´´, you can see my post here:
    For the rules and regulations, please check out this post:
    Again, congratulations!!!


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