Puff Cuff Review

Puff Cuff HairclampLet me start this review with an overwhelming apology for my recent absence! But, never fear, I am back with lots of greatness planned. Now, on to the review:

The Puff Cuff is the brain child of the ever creative Ceta Lash and she was kind enough to send one my way to review for you all. This curl friendly product is made to hug and lift our curls into the perfect, iconic puff. And it does just that. Designed with a contoured fit and short rounded teeth, this product is gentle enough to create sturdy puffs without ripping out my kinks.

Usually pony tail holders, that are designed for women with straight or thinner hair, are not wide enough to fit all of my curls at once without a few sprouting out awkwardly. This product has the wide mouth feature that is essential for a smooth and sleek puff.  I personally like my puff to have a more worn in look and I don’t use conventional gels that creates sleekness. The Puff Cuff allows for my kind of puff too. You can go sleek and a bit wilder if you’re like me. On top of all of that, it is fairly easy to use. When I first attempted to use it, I was in a massive rush, as usual, and it was a little difficult. Once I had more than 25 seconds to get dressed and out of the house, I tried it again and it was much easier. The two ends over lap and interlock around your puff. It is a matter of figuring out which way is best for you (ie: on wet hair, dry hair, etc). I think this is an amazing product! It is easy to use and it makes any puff look that much more amazing. Finally, a hair tie just for us! You can purchase your Puff Cuff on Amazon.com and Puffcuffhairclamp.com.



8 thoughts on “Puff Cuff Review

  1. Ahh I was looking for a few clips/clamps to hold my hair as ever banana clip I have ever owned has broke in my hair (haha). This looks like a real good investment, I like how it doesn’t reduce the fullness of your puff like many clamps do. :p


    1. That is the best feature in my opinion, that it does not reduce the fullness. And it is similar to a banana clip in the idea of it but the shape changes it making more adept for our hair type.


  2. Interesting. Learn about something new everyday.


  3. Nice review. I still think it is a huge banana clip, but I don’t wear puffs, so I am clearly ill informed. Either way it looks cute


    1. It is similar to a banana clip but one for natural hair. It is all in the shape I think. But, I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  4. Reblogged this on hairscapades and commented:
    I used to be the banana clip queen. It helped me achieve many styles, especially my big bun (hmmm … haven’t used it in a while, I need to dust if off and play around with it again). Anywho, I just had to share this PuffCuff review by YoungFabulousandNatural.com, because I would often get asked about banana clips for those with thick hair. Many of my dense hair comrades would lament that their hair broke all banana clips. Well, I think this may be the banana clip for you!!!!


  5. Aishia Rodgers June 17, 2014 — 6:59 am

    This looks amaze! I used to wear banana clips and broke every one. I remember thinking, why can’t they make these out of more durable plastic when it was my hair the whole while that was mocking me. I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing!


  6. I am new to the puff cuff game but it is great!


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