Why Lupita Nyong’o’s TWA Rocks

Lupita’s TWA is the bomb diggity & here’s why


So everyone is buzzing about “it girl” Lupita Nyong’o and how beautiful she is. She put on an amazing performance in the film 12 Years A Slave and seems to naturally exudes grace and beauty. On top of all of that, her TWA rocks!

No, she does not have perfectly spiraled curls.

No, she is not a fair skinned racially ambiguous woman. 

She is a slender, gorgeous woman with skin that looks like dark chocolate ganache with a TWA that makes her a breath of fresh air in a sea of the same ol’ Hollywood glam. So, what makes her TWA special?

Nothing! She has kinky hair that is very similar to many naturals and it is fairly short so there isn’t much she can do with it. So, no, her actual hair is not that special. But, the way that she carries herself with her TWA makes all the difference. She doesn’t fit in any confines of what women with natural hair are “supposed” to be like. Her TWA doesn’t have defined curls or unbelievable shine. She effortlessly mixes girly headbands with and edgy shaved portion. The confidence that she has to wake up and rock what she has however she wants is what makes her TWA rock so damn good! You go Lupita Nyong’o!

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