Perfecting Your No-Poo Method

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No-pooing is not a new idea. In fact, no-pooing is a well known staple of having natural hair as shampoo can be harsh on our curls. But, of course, someone ahem that has a more mainstream hair type decided to try out the no-poo method and the beauty media outlets are going wild! I mean, I haven’t bought a bottle of shampoo in forever and no one is calling the local news station for me.

I digress.

If no-pooing is a new idea to you,  here are a few ways to make your no-pooing experience so good that you’ll never waste another dollar on shampoo.

  • A great conditioner is essential to no-pooing because you will be using your conditioner more often than you did before. Invest in a conditioner that leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturized without leaving a buildup. Trial and error are inevitable.
  • Co-wash your hair often. Sweat, dirt, and product will cause a grimy buildup on your scalp and strands causing an unsightly look and hefty smell. So, co-wash weekly, daily, bi-daily, or whatever works for your hair and scalp.
  • Consider a scalp cleanser to eliminate odor. A great all natural scalp and hair cleanser is the wonderful ACV rinse. Try out this ACV rinse recipe. It is super easy and a great rinse for a deeper clean. Your strands will literally be squeaky clean.
  • Readjust your oil, butter, and cream use. Since you are not stripping your hair of all of it’s oils, good and bad, you don’t have to continuously replenish as much moisture as you did before. Again, this will take some trial and error.


2 thoughts on “Perfecting Your No-Poo Method

  1. So true, works wonders for my tresses, plus the apple cider vinegar is a winner. Thanks doll 🙂


  2. Aishia Rodgers June 17, 2014 — 7:39 am

    Yep…the mainstream always gets the attention. I have been shampoo free since i went relaxer free alnost a year ago…and no one thinks I’m news-worthy either. It’s not that deep ( for news purposes), lots of natural sistas have been practicing ghiz for years. But anyhoo…great article!! 😉


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