4 Essential Steps for Your Night Time Routine!

If you don’t do anything before bed, at least do these 4 things!


After a long, exhausting day, the last thing you want to do is embark on an hour long night time hair routine. While your routine can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, you do need some sort of go to plan to protect your hair and prep it for the next day. Your night time routine really depends on your hair length, type, current style, and what your hair needs. But, there are 4 things that, aside from all of the other aspects, every natural should add into their night time routine. I promise, they are very quick and easy.

1. Water– Natural hair loves, loves, loves water. Lightly spray your hair with water. You can choose to use just plain water or a water and oil mix. You can still spray your hair if you are preserving a twist or braid out as well.

2. Moisturize– By the end of the day, your hair has absorbed most of the moisturizing products you used during the day. So, replenish your moisture level by adding oil from root to tip, though you should focus on the ends the most considering the ends are the driest. Also be sure to moisturize your hair line all of the way around.

3. Prep– Whether you plan on rocking a day 2 twist or braid out or sleek bun, prep your hair for that the night before. You will save yourself a wealth of time the next day by having your hair ready to go. For prep suggestions, try these twist and braid out preservation tips. If you plan on wearing an up-do or protective style that you will do the next morning, simply split your hair in four sections and braid them. Your hair will be stretched and in manageable the next day.

4. Protect– This is a step that is extremely important. If you are running on 1 hour of sleep and feel like you are about to pass out at any moment, grab your satin bonnet and throw it on as you fall down to your bed. Natural hair + cotton = disaster! Satin, as you probably know, retains moisture, prevents hair line thinning, and helps with length retention.

What does your bed time routine look like?

1 thought on “4 Essential Steps for Your Night Time Routine!

  1. Thanks doll, gotta do more of this daily 🙂 am on a challenge now so will improve 🙂


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