5 Things That I Love About the Natural Hair Community

Last week I revealed to you ladies the 5 things that I can’t stand about the natural hair community. While I stand firmly by each of those things, there are 5 things that I absolutely love about the natural hair community that essentially outweigh the annoying things. 

1. The community love– While natural hair ladies can be firm in their hair care beliefs, when I see a fellow natural lady while I’m trolling the aisles of Target, we exchange “I love your hair” looks and flash supportive smiles. There is a sense of unspoken support and understanding of the journey and it feels amazing. Aside from face to face support, there is a boatload of online communities full of women encouraging and supporting one another. I love it!

2. Breaking stereotypes– This will seem like I am coming for the permed ladies but, I assure you, I am not. But, when I was a child, I was convinced that black women could not grow long hair. I wasn’t upset about it but it was more like a fact of life. It was just expected. Sure, there was that one cousin everyone has that has hair down to her butt crack and uses perms faithfully; but it certainly was not the norm. As I got older, I found that that stereotype was one that lots of people, especially those of other races, believed to be true. Now that women in the black community are embracing their natural hair and going above and beyond in hair lengths, that stereotype is irrelevant and quite laughable.

3. The other journeys– The natural hair community is made up of  black women that have embraced their kinky hair. By doing so, they have become more receptive to changing other aspects of their lives for the better. You can check out any natural hair forum or board and you will surely find natural hair women talking about hitting the gym, eating better, and opting for all natural products. By embracing our hair, we have committed to embracing a better versions of ourselves.

4. Making companies accountable– Naturals do not play when it comes to their products. We demand to know what the ingredients are, where it is made, and the person that poured it into the bottle. We have demanded such a high level of accountability that hair care companies have to make sure that their products are reaching our standards of quality. If that’s not power, than what is?

5. Setting new beauty standards– For years, beautiful hair has been based on the European standard of beauty. Weave, wig, and perm companies have been racking up money on the black communities desperate desire to meet these unreachable standards. This natural hair resurfacing has created a new standard of beauty based on our own terms. Kinky, curly, nappy hair is beautiful and we have an entire community to prove it!

What do you love about our growing community?

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3 thoughts on “5 Things That I Love About the Natural Hair Community

  1. Nice post doll 🙂


  2. I love the variations and different stages of natural. Fades, twists, fros, locs, big curls. All different, but all natural.


  3. Great list of very true points. I too love the sense of community and the redefinition of beauty standards and ideals. We now increasingly aspire to be ourselves in teh best way possible.



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