Get Your Best Second Day Hair Ever!

Love that twist out even more tomorrow with these tips!

Don’t you just love when a style turns out perfect. I mean shiny, bouncy, and all of those other amazing adjectives that women like to use to describe their ideal hair. What makes it even better is when it stays perfect throughout the entire day. Now, for the sad part: When it is time to go to bed and you have to figure out how to preserve your amazing style for the next day. There are so many options out there that it can be hard to choose. I mean, here are 3 of the preserving methods that I’ve discussed before. Aside from the actual way you preserve your styles, there are some essentials that are a must to make sure the shine, bounce, and all around amazingness is carried over to the next day.

1. Replenish the moisture– I find that my next day hair can be awfully dry if I don’t add more moisture the night before. So, if you are going to throw it into separate ponytails, add a bit of your favorite cream moisturizer or some olive oil to each ponytail. Be sure to moisturize the ends! They lose moisture quickly and can dramatically change the way next day hair looks. You can also spray your entire head lightly with water before adding your scarf or bonnet.

2. Re-twist (or braid) the front portion- A great way to translate yesterdays sleek freshness to today is to re-twist or braid the front pieces. For example, I always have a side bang on the left side of my head. If I had a twist out the day before, I will do 2 flat twists in the front with the bang hair and 1 flat twist on the right side. The next day, the back will be a bit more stretched but the top and front will have the freshness of a new style. Plus it’s time friendly.

3. DO NOT BRUSH- This is very important and honestly I am not sure why someone would do this. But, let’s address it anyway. Do not brush out the previous style no matter what. Even if you are deciding to re-braid or re-twist, skip the brushing and combing unless it is 5th day hair. By the second day, your curls will still be separated and defined enough that if you simply twist or braid bunches of curls together, they will fall back into place effortlessly the next day. Brushing or combing will pretty much be starting over and call for detailed twists or braids.

4. Fluff, fluff, and fluff some more- When you take your hair down the next day after a night of rolling and tossing around in bed, it is very likely that your hair will be stiff. This is o.k. and expected. When you take your hair down, gently fluff from underneath and behind. Really get into it and flip your head over to breathe more life into it. You can even hop in a hot shower and let the steam help you fluff it up. The key to getting the perfectly fluffed hair is to be gentle. You don’t want to over do it or be too aggressive and end up with a big, frizzy ball of hair.

5. Accept the imperfection of it- Essentially, your next day hair can look great but it will not look exactly like it did the day before. Personally, I think it looks better since I love big hair. Accept the big, craziness of it as that’s a part of what makes our hair unique.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Best Second Day Hair Ever!

  1. Many many thank you’s just what I needed 🙂


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