5 Things I Can’t Stand About The Natural Hair Community

Because every community has issues

I love the natural hair community and how encouraging it is. It was the natural hair community that helped me decide to move forward with doing the big chop. But, there are some things, 5 in particular, that I just cannot take any longer about the natural hair community. Don’t worry, this goes for myself as well!

1. The idealization of long, and loosely curled- Sure, I won’t deny the fact that long curly hair looks great. With that being said, kinked up undefined afros are the bomb too! I wish I could see more of that to encourage the women that have that hair type. If you are reading this and you have that hair type, show yourself and be proud! Not to mention, I love short freshly big chopped dos. I mean, LOVE! I have been contemplating going back to that length myself.

2.  The commercial products slapping ‘natural’ on their labels- Just cut it out Pantene, Revlon, and Proctor & Gamble. You look ridiculous! These big companies that have fed into the relaxed women’s self-doubt all these years want to jump on the natural band wagon to boost their sales. What pisses me off even more is that we are out here buying it! Stop for one second and think, how is it that Pantene’s Relaxed and Natural line can actually work for both when each hair type needs something totally different? There are companies out there that are made just for our hair like SheaMoisture and Kinky Curly. There’s also a wealth of handmade products out there that are amazing. Or make it yourself but please don’t use products that aren’t made for our hair.

3. Natural women preaching to every permed woman they meet- Trust me when I say, this was me to the tenth degree! I knew it all and wanted to spread the gospel. However, that aggressive unsolicited approach will fall on deaf ears and whoever you are attempting to convince will probably become defensive. If someone asks for information, give it. Otherwise, no one wants to hear about how perms are the white devil keeping us down. I promise.

4. Going natural makes you a writer- I personally hate this! You don’t need any writing credentials to be a blogger. Sure, you should know the basics but you don’t need a degree or anything. However, I am actually a writer that has natural hair and use my craft to write posts about what has worked for me; not the other way around. But, one does not automatically open the door to the other.

5. Natural gangsters- Natural gangsters love to try to revoke someone else’s natural card because they dyed their hair, or wear weaves, or wear it straight sometimes. No one, that means you, has the say so over what makes a woman more or less natural. Anyone can do whatever they want and the natural gangsters out there should focus on what they have going on.

What grinds your gears about our community?

13 thoughts on “5 Things I Can’t Stand About The Natural Hair Community

  1. Haha! This is so true! I loved it. The natural community acts like natural hair is something new and trendy, but it’s been around forever. Did we forget about the 70s? Or even before that when we didn’t have much of a choice? Anyways, loved the post!


    1. Absolutely! Glad you loved it!


  2. I agree with natural girls all seemingly being type 2, but I try not to marketing , including the sudden flood of ‘natural’ hair products, too seriously. It is all a money game and I can’t hate them for selling the image/idea everyone wants


    1. I wish all of us naturals viewed it that way. Some see the words ‘curly’ ‘kinky’ or ‘natural’ on a bottle of something and assume it is for our hair. Invest in companies that invest in us.


  3. Great info, so true, all textures and length are amazing 🙂


  4. Great post, i definitely agree with you about the bandwagon jumping corporate brands, also the varying degrees of naturalness and pretty much everything else lol.



  5. Reblogged this on EthniCurls and commented:
    I was moved!!! Ethnicurlies you need to take a Read!!!
    Yes our We are natural and no don’t exploit us!!!


  6. this is so true… i call then Natural Nazis…tryin to tell me what ‘My Natural” Should be AAUUGH


  7. Thank you for your post!! I agree wholeheartedly with your opinions! I wish there were more articles that talked about the emotional toll of going natural. There’s a whole lot that’s not being said about this. The years of brain washing about kinky being bad, and the stigma about non-relaxed hair has done a job on us all. We don’t talk about it enough.


    1. I definitely agree! The emotional portion of going natural is definitely something that needs to be talked about. It is one of the reasons many women don’t have natural hair. The brainwashing is centuries deep. That is something that needs to be a part of the conversation. I think that also plays into texture discrimination in our community as well; which is another post for another day!


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