4 Ways to Make Your TWA Curls Pop!

When my hair was just a few inches long, all I wanted is for my curls to pop and shine. I know that lots of women with TWAs desire the same thing. Here are 4 ways to make those curls pop!

1. Use gel- This one should be obvious. Gel is wet and acts as an activator. Once the gel dries, it preserves the curls in place and helps to ward off frizz. My suggestion: opt for an alcohol free option. Alcohol is super drying and causes insane flaking. If you’re feeling DIY, try this flax seed gel.

2. Use the sponge method- Take a regular sponge and cut small circular holes into it. Once all of your holes are cut out, move the sponge around your head in a circular motion. Your hair should be damp and have the product in it.

3. Re-wet your hair- If you did an awesome wash and go the day before and woke up looking like a matted mess, simply re-wet your hair. The water will reactivate the product you used the day before and your curls will emerge. Use your finger tips to encourage the curls and a bit of product to finish it off.

4. Keep hair moisturized- Curls love water and moisture. So, keep that TWA moisturized to encourage shiny, tightly coiled curls. Like a plant or growing flower, water your TWA with a spray bottle of water and oil daily.

3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Make Your TWA Curls Pop!

  1. Have no curl definition myself but thanks for the tips 🙂


  2. allmycurlyhair May 16, 2014 — 3:57 am

    Reblogged this on AllMyCurlyHair and commented:
    As you all know I’ve recently Big Chopped and I love learning how to style my TWA, but I’ve struggled a bit with making my curls pop. I think this is good advice and I’m going to try harder to keep my hair moisturised. #TeamHealthyHair


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