5 Ways to Get Your Worst Braid Out Ever!

Essentially, everyone has a certain way they like to do their braid outs. Some prefer tighter results while others prefer bigger, fluffier results. No matter where you stand, avoid doing these 5 things to get your best braid out ever.

1. Not braiding close enough to the root- If you don’t braid close enough to the root, you will have an inch of hair that is not the same curl texture as the rest. Your braid out will start about an inch down rather than at the root.

2. Not braiding tight enough- Of course you should be careful when it comes to braiding your natural hair too tightly. However, when it comes to braid outs, you want to make sure that the braids are on the tighter end to yield well defined results.

3. Not using enough product- I am an advocate for minimal products but you need to use something when you prep your hair for a braid out. This can be oil, shea butter, or a store bought product. Dry un-moisturized hair will be frizzy and lack luster.

4. Not sealing your ends- The ends of your hair need to be sealed with oil or a butter to prevent split frizzy ends.

5. Not using any water- While I prefer doing my braid outs on dry hair, as in not completely soaked, I still need to use a spray bottle or dampen my hair to create cohesive curls. Doing braid outs on bone dry hair will not leave your hair with shiny, cohesive curls at all! Natural hair loves water anyway!

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get Your Worst Braid Out Ever!

  1. Thank you dear, will keep in mind when I braid my hair 🙂


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