5 TWA Mistakes Every Natural Makes

TWA stage

When I first went natural and did the big chop, I swear I thought I knew it all. I was armed with all of the info I collected from Youtube and blogs and no one could tell me anything. Looking back, I knew very little and was making the entire process more difficult and complicated than it had to be. So that you don’t fall victim to the same I know everything about my TWA syndrome, here are 5 mistakes almost all TWA’ers make:

1. Assuming that the price of a product directly relates to quality- After I big chopped, I was totally clueless as to what my hair needed. Sure, I read up on what to buy or look for but when you are in a seemingly mile long aisle of shelves lined with shiny products, you tend to forget all of that. Instead of reading the ingredients and reviews, I simply assumed that if it were $15 per ounce, it had to work. Right? Wrong! I can’t tell you the amount of $30 moisturizers I have bought that have done nothing for my hair. Read reviews, seek out samples, and spend money on products that really work.

2. Taking it too seriously- Just the other day, I saw a fellow natural with the cutest TWA. I felt like a mom looking at a new mom and remembering how exciting that time was. I truly miss that stage and think about cutting it off to go back there quite often. I took my TWA way too seriously and wanted it to grow so bad that I didn’t take the time to just enjoy the ease and sexiness of it.

3. Comparing- Never, ever compare your hair texture or length to your favorite Youtubers and bloggers. I would compare my texture and growth to what I saw online. While I find it very important to gather inspiration from other naturals, it is completely detrimental to compare your hair to others. No two curl patterns are the same.

4. Worrying about curl definition- Curl definition is awesome. But, if your hair turns into a straight up, undeniable afro when you do a wash and go, rock it! Toy around with twist and braid outs here and there but really embrace your little TWA.

5. Assuming that confidence will be automatic- Cutting off all of your hair within an inch of its kinky life is a hard pill to swallow. It is normal to feel unsure and have to rebuild your confidence. I had to and wouldn’t have it any other way. Embrace your uncertainty and work on loving your new hair. The TWA stage is like an engagement before the marriage. You are getting to know your hair and falling in love with it before you decide to commit to it forever.

5 thoughts on “5 TWA Mistakes Every Natural Makes

  1. Your hair is gorgeous girl, and thank you for the tips 🙂


    1. Thank you! Your hair is quite beautiful as well!


      1. Thank you gorgeous, natural hair is simply amazing, all textures, lengths and colors 😀


  2. My niece who’s in the 8th grade just did the big chop and she fell into this misconception. I can’t wait to show her your blog. I took pictures of her transition and will blog and post pics later.
    Natural Novice #BGTY


    1. I am so happy for your niece. Tell her to cherish the TWA times. It goes by so fast.


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