Secret Celebrity Naturals

Should we admire them or be totally confused?

Lately there’s been an explosion of intimate pictures of celebrities exposing their natural hair. Some have enormous fros while others have long locks. Under most of these pictures that are usually posted on Instagram, there is some catchy caption overly packed with hashtags like #longhairdontcare #realhairforrealchicks and my personal favorite, #IwearweavebecauseIwantto. While I love that these celebs, who have tons of naturals and naturals to be that look up to them, are showing how they embrace their hair, I can’t help but be confused.

Let me explain.

I am confused because these celebs throw on their 18 inch brazilian weave for the red carpet and essentially the outside world. They then reserve their kinks for dimly lit artistically posed photos on Instagram. How is that inspiring? Why can’t more of these women be like Solange and Tracee Ellis Ross and just wear their natural hair at least most of the time? When I see these pictures, I actually feel annoyed. If these ladies can’t feel comfortable enough to rock their fros in the spotlight, how can someone who is considering going natural feel secure?

Tell me what you think?

1 thought on “Secret Celebrity Naturals

  1. great post! A lot of the time money and management dictate the outward appearance of most female “celebs”. Sad but true.


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