What Motherhood is Actually Like

Because motherhood is not glamorous all the time

Via Google ImagesWhile becoming a mother is one of the most amazing blessings I’ve ever received, there are times that I feel worn out and am begging for a break. When you see pictures of celeb moms or watch YouTube moms, it is really easy to feel crappy about your parenting skills and how un-glamorous your mothering experience is in comparison. I’ve had more than a few moments of thinking I should have manicured nails, a fully dressed child, and spotless house while maintaining my blog and work because the mothers I see seem to have it together like that. Well, I am here to tell you that that’s Bologna!  Here are 6 motherhood truths that will make you, and myself, feel better about your mothering style or lack there of: 

1. Sometimes I am too exhausted to make a full course meal and settle for stove top mac and cheese- Look, it is ridiculous to think that my son is going to eat organic chicken and veggies every night. Sometimes I am so exhausted and the time to cook is so limited that I have to choose between playing with my son and cooking a big supper. My son likes mac and cheese just fine and he doesn’t eat that every night so, everything in moderation is perfectly fine!

2. I the mom that lets her kid roll on the floor out in public- My son started walking at 9 months. You read that correctly; it says 9 months. He is almost 15 months now so he is running and climbing like an olympian. When we go to Target or– well I pretty much live just in Target, I let him out of his stroller and he runs, stops, rolls on the floor and starts all over. The way I see it, we have soap and water to clean him up.

3. I buy the cheap diapers when I’m short on cash- I can’t pretend like I am always rolling in dough and I am sure that many mothers are in my position. So when I am running low on money and I see that the CVS brand diapers are 10 dollars cheaper for 20 more diapers, well gosh darn it, ring me up for the CVS diapers and scan my coupon!

4. If I have no plans of leaving the house, my son stays in PJs- It seems like every time I watch my favorite YouTube mommies, their adorable tots are dressed to impressed with nowhere to go. That just doesn’t fly for me. If I am not leaving my house, I am probably not getting fully dressed and my son will probably wear his pajamas or house clothes (for those who do not know, house clothes are like pjs but you don’t sleep in them). Why waste a cute outfit, right?

5. More times than not, my house is a hot mess- And I don’t care! I have a million other things to do besides washing the dishes. Sure, I get around to it but I just don’t have that type of time to have a spotless home all of the time. Why pick up the same toys over and over just for my son to take them right back out? Makes no sense!

6. What is a bed time routine?- I hear people talk about it but I don’t really understand. My son is such a little firecracker and me, I indulge him I must say. So, his bed time has a 2 hour time frame and there is no particular order. As long as he has on  a dry diaper and weather appropriate pjs, I am satisfied.

Bonus mommy truth: I still have a good portion of my baby weight and nursing has been no help with losing it. Eh, I’m losing a little at a time and that is good enough for me.

2 thoughts on “What Motherhood is Actually Like

  1. Sounds like you have a good sense of humour about it all. Motherhood loses glamour the moment a bowling ball leaves your body in a space more suited for something ten times smaller. I have been slashing those stereotypes for five months now – and boy should you see my brows! It may not always be pretty but its certainly rewarding! Good blog. 🙂 Mumzilla


    1. Absolutely! It is definitely worth it and completely rewarding. Those gummy smiles and sweet laughs seriously make you forget all the stuff they have flushed down the toilet.


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