How to Find the Perfect Gift for the Naturals in Your Life

When you are picking out the perfect gift for your natural friends, it can be difficult since every woman’s approach to natural hair is different. Some women prefer all naturally made products while others rather make their own products. I know some naturals, like myself, who would appreciate hair accessories while lots of others wouldn’t wear them. So, here are some tips on how to pick the perfect gift for your favorite natural.

1. When did she go natural?- If she is in the beginning of her journey, you want to consider getting the basics. So, you can make her a beginners care package containing the essentials like a satin sleep bonnet, wide toothed comb, Denman Brush, your favorite product, and a book on their first year natural [ahem, ahem]. Steer clear of getting her a large amounts of any type of product because she is still in the infancy stages of going natural and might find that the shampoo that she loves doesn’t work as well as she thought. If she has been natural for a while and has developed her own style, then your options are nearly boundless. Get her things that you know fit her style like a satin head scarf or few bottles of her favorite hair product.

2. Does she make her own hair products?- I love making hair products because it is fairly easy, natural, and if my son “accidentally” eats it, I know he won’t harm himself. If she is like me then she will love to have a recipe book to write down her successful concoctions. If she is a newbie mixologist, then consider a natural beauty products recipe guide to get her started.

3. Does she take a more hands off approach?- Maybe your natural friend much rather hit a salon to treat her tresses as opposed to doing it herself. The best gift for her is a gift card to a naturalist salon that knows how to care for our kinky coils. A gift card to a naturalist salon is also perfect for someone that is transitioning and relies on protective hair styles.

2 thoughts on “How to Find the Perfect Gift for the Naturals in Your Life

  1. wow! i like your post about this!
    you can also find ideas for your Christmas gifts for Him and for Her on my post.
    here’s the link :

    merry christmas!

    Deanna ( )


    1. I’m glad it was helpful & thanks for your input!


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