Don’t Have Room for a Christmas Tree? Try This!

Put up this Christmas tree without sacrificing floor space!

I live in an apartment and my 1 year old is completely fearless. When you calculate those 2 and throw in an over-sized piney Christmas tree laced with fragile ornaments and lights; it can be an avoidable disaster. While a real tree might not be in my cards for some time, I do still want to get into the holiday spirit if not for me than for my little guy. This is how I came to put up my wall tree. It serves every purpose all at once. It is not in the way because it is on the wall. My son can not reach it because I put it high enough on the wall. It was inexpensive and puts me in the holiday mood. Here is what I used and how I put it together:


Scissors and/or Razor


Hot glue


Construction paper (I used green and white)


Small ornaments


Painters blue tape

Kid, Pet, & Space Friendly Wall Tree
Kid, Pet, & Space Friendly Wall Tree


1. I had a ton of cardboard left over from my son’s first birthday party planning as well as construction paper. I cut the cardboard length wise into strips. Thickness depends on your preference and how many strips you would like. I have 5 to form the tree and one for the base. The length should gradually go from short to long to form the triangle like shape of a pine tree. Be sure to cutout a triangle for the top of your structure and a smaller sized piece for the trunk.

2. Cover each piece with your felt and/or construction paper. I had two different shades of green felt left over from my son’s Halloween costume that I made so I went with an ombre look. This, of course, is totally up to you. If you do use felt, use a hot glue gun to attach it or it will not stick and use your craft glue to attach the construction paper.

3. Before you attach the tree to the wall, attach any ornaments, ribbon, or decorative pieces to the strips. Again, I suggest hot glue to ensure ornaments are not popping off in the middle of the night.

4. Put your tape on the back of the strips. I used blue painters tape because it is sticky without ruining the walls but you can certainly use any type of tape you’d like such as double sticky tape. Arrange the pieces on an empty wall with the triangle at the top and each strip, in ascending order, to follow. Add the brown trunk at the bottom  (I left the trunk uncovered as it is already brown).

I love this tree and will probably add more decoration to it as the month goes on. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter to follow the progress of my tree @Youngfabnatural.

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