5 Gifts You Shouldn’t Give To Your Natural Friend

Because sometimes you need to know what not to buy

During this holly jolly season, there are thousands of gift guides for all sorts of people in your life. There’s the gift guide for teachers. The gift guide for readers. The gift guide for pet lovers. The gift guide for pet lovers that also teach reading. You get the idea. Well, here is an anti-gift guide for the natural friends on your nice list:

1. A dreaded perm- It is not funny. She will not think it is funny. Forgo your perfect gag gift as it is like giving a drug addict that has been clean for 2 years a vile of dope. Like “hey, remember me?”.

2. Ball point brushes- Most thick bristle brushes have small ball points as oppose to tapered ones. These types of brushes are ok for straight hair but are like kryptonite for tightly coiled curls. The little ball points get tangled and cause breakage as it roughly runs through the hair leaving behind heinous split ends.

3. Alcohol based gels- No matter what your friend’s view on using all natural products is, alcohol is extremely drying and detrimental to the health of curls. Natural hair is dry all on it’s own and doesn’t need an added drying factor to make it worse.

4. Cotton sleep cap or bonnet- It is super important to keep natural hair tied up at night to prevent breakage during the tossing and turning of sleep. However, cotton is a natural wicking fabric and literally sucks the moisture out natural hair.

5. Hair ties- Here is the thing about hair ties; natural hair is too big to fit in most of them and there is no way for you to know which ones are the right ones. It is likely chance that the hair ties will get more use holding bags of rice close rather than creating cute pony tails.


Check back next week for the 5 gifts you should get your natural friends!

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