Winter Care for Natural Hair: Revisited

It’s getting chilly out so lets review winter hair care for our curls

A while back, I wrote a winter hair care post. At that time, my hair was much shorter and fairly easy to manage. However, while length does make a difference, it doesn’t really change what your hair needs. Your hair still needs hot oil treatments, deep conditioning, and no humectants.

Now that my hair is shoulder length, I have added these essentials to my natural hair routine:

1. Protective styling- I love letting my hair bounce about in the wind just as much as the next natural. But, the constant combing, braiding just to unbraid the next day can take a toll on my hair when it is so susceptible to breakage thanks to the ultra drying winter air. Now, protective styles do not have to be an entire production of finding a stylist to install your Poetic Justice braids. After washing my hair, I will moisturize and put it in 4 big braids to stretch it. Once it is stretched, I will put it in a style that has my hair tucked away like this one.

2. Never go to bed with wet hair- Like I have said, the scalp and hair strands are dryer in the winter. This combined with the fact that wet strands tend to snap and break easily makes going to bed with wet hair a big no no!

3. Use high fat oils- Why putz around using featherweight carrier oils like safflower? The fierce winter winds demand heavy-duty fat packed oils like avocado, olive, and vitamin E. Check out this oil chart to find the perfect one for you.

1 thought on “Winter Care for Natural Hair: Revisited

  1. Thanks doll, great tips.


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