Fall Inspired Vase Decoration

Fall inspired decor

Fall time is here and the orange, yellow, and red leaves on the trees are bountiful. My favorite part of the fall time is the cool crisp air. There is something that just feels  fresh and new about it after a long sweaty summer. Why not bring the comfort of fall inside your home, right? After lighting a few orchard and pumpkin scented candles, I decided that just wasn’t enough. Well, on my way home from work, I saw a pine tree with beautiful fresh pine cones hanging low enough to pluck. So, I did and knew just what I was going to do to them to throw in that splash of fall at home that I’ve been looking for. Here’s what you will need:

Pine cones (I used real pine cones but plastic is fine too)

Dried red beans

*Dried ornamental corn

(You can also use other dried beans and peas that fall into your autumn theme. Other good options are dried green peas, black eyed peas, and other beans)

A glass or clear plastic vase

This is very simple and looks great on a kitchen or living room table. Not to mention, the fresh pine cones smell lovely. You simply layer each item in any way that you think looks nice. I put the corn on the bottom since it was multicolored. I topped it with the red beans and the pine cones on top of that. That’s it!

*I purchased my corn at an apple orchard but they can be also purchased at farmer’s markets and fruit stands. 

1 thought on “Fall Inspired Vase Decoration

  1. Lovely idea and adds character to your home, sweet, thanks doll.


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