Is Hair Typing Tearing the Natural Hair Community Apart?

Is hair typing really helping the natural hair community or is it just another way to separate us?

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Hair typing is well known in the natural hair community. It is helpful in that it helps provide a guide for women to figure out what they need for their hair to be healthy. Tightly coiled hair will require a different level of moisture and oils than hair that is looser and finer. While this is wonderful, I must wonder if all of this hair typing is causing a division among natural haired women making one type superior over another.

How did I come to this question? For starters, when I was going natural, a ton of people that understood hair typing would say with jubilation that I had 3B or 3C hair (for more information on how hair typing works, click here). They would follow that by saying, with a sullen tone, that they have 4B hair. It made me feel as if they were saying that somehow, though we were in the same hair “community”, I had good hair and that their hair was somehow not good hair. It was utterly ridiculous. It is almost as if the closer you are to the “acceptable curly” hair the better. The reason we go natural is to break away from societies definition of standard beauty.

Overall, I think when hair typing is used to evaluate your own hair in order to decide how to take care of it, it can be marvelous and helpful. However, when hair typing becomes a way to further separate us, it can be awful. Hair type responsibly ladies!

3 thoughts on “Is Hair Typing Tearing the Natural Hair Community Apart?

  1. Agreed also, I love hair typing because it helps me to choose the best way to take care of my hair and am able to decipher what she wants and hates also, so very helpful for me.
    Love your coils, kinks and curls girls!!!


    1. Absolutely! Hair typing can be awesome when used in that way. It’s like a natural guide on how to take care of your hair. It just sucks when one type is deemed better than another. But that’s right! Love your coils, kinks, and curls!


      1. Exactly to both comments! It really helps us but when used in a negative way, it’s not right. We all have gorgeous tresses so just love yours and be enchanted with others, I know I am 😀


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