Are You Ready For Halloween?

4 makeup ideas that are easy, quick, and perfect for Halloween!

Hey beauties! Welcome back!

Today, I am presenting some popular and fun makeup ideas. They may be mild enough for work, or fun enough to go out!

Before we get into products and technique ideas, I want to share with you some very important tips!

1. Be sure that before applying makeup, your face is clean and hydrated. Use cleansers, toners and moisturizers that best suit your skin type.

2. Prime! Primers help with easier application, a better payoff of the product and longer wear!

3. Set your makeup! You may use either a translucent powder or a setting spray.

Okay! Lets get into the looks!

Halloween makeup

So, the first look is a “Rag Doll”. Have fun with this look! You can exaggerate your blush and eyebrows as you please! I recommend lining the waterline with a white liner and applying faux lashes to the lower lash line. When applying your lashes, place them in the same direction as your lashes (downward).

The next look is a simple “Cat Face”. Some like to leave their brows from the face, only emphasizing the nose, cat eye and whiskers. You do want to be sure to apply your liner around the entire perimeter of the eye, especially at the inner and outer corners. If you have more time on your hands, you can get creative by making your simple cat face and make yourself into a snarling Tiger!

And, lastly, The Egyptian look! This look is very simple! You may use as many colors as you desire for your shadows! In order to capture the Egyptian look, you do want exaggerate your brows, connecting the end of them to the tips of your wings with liner! (neat trick: I used gold eye shadow and clear gloss for my lips).

Products I used:

Ambi Complexion Bar

Sea Breeze Toner

Ole Henriksen Vitamin C moisturizer

Make Up For Ever HD Primer

MAC Concealer NW50

Lancôme 24 HR Foundation (shade 550C)

BUXOM Black Jasper Eyeliner

MAC palette (I built my own).

Make Up For Ever HD Finishing Powder

ARDELL lashes

CONFESSION! One challenge I did face while attempting these looks was precision. For extreme detail, you may want to use liquid liners (my suggestion is with a felt tip). If you are more comfortable with pencils, you can use either a kohl textured pencil (which is a bit more forgiving should you make a mistake), or wax eyeliners. Having Qtips and makeup remover will definitely come in handy!

Remember, it is Halloween; not a fashion show! So have fun and be uniquely, creatively, beautifully you! Happy Halloween! XOXO

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