100 Things I’ve Learned in My First Year of Motherhood

100 things ive learned
Day one: 10-3-2012
  1. I always thought all newborns needed a couple days to grow into their cuteness; until I saw my own. He was the cutest newborn.
  2. I get more pleasure out of buying baby clothes than my son could ever get out of wearing them.
  3. Baby toys are unbearably cute and I love buying them.
  4. Advice from people that don’t have children is useless and quite frustrating.
  5. When my baby is sick, I feel utterly helpless.
  6. When my son became mobile, my blood pressure spiked.
  7. If there was a way to take every vaccination shot for my son, I would.
  8. Seeing super fit and thin moms makes me infuriated.
  9. It takes 9 months to make a baby and gain all the weight but it might take longer to get it off.
  10. Breastfeeding does not directly correlate to weight loss.
  11. I actually learned the difference between my son’s cries.
  12. Grandparent(s) mean well even if they don’t seem as if they do.
  13. The pain of labor and pregnancy is literally wiped from my memory as if I was flashed with that flashy thing from Men in Black.
  14. Never compare babies. My baby will end up on the negative end of a comparison eventually.
  15. When people ask me if I am going to have more children, the pain of labor returns momentarily.
  16. Bath time seems so peaceful and serene so why isn’t it?
  17. Co sleeping works for breastfeeding, getting sleep, and cuddling.
  18. Although I love breastfeeding, pumping is the bane of my existence!
  19. Eating with a mobile, grabby baby around is nearly impossible.
  20. Before children, I never understood when moms would say that didn’t get a chance to eat. I get it now. [grumble grumble]
  21. I can run on a lot less sleep than I thought.
  22. I’m willing to move mountains to make my baby happy.
  23. The stress I put on myself about stretch marks seems totally unreasonable now.
  24. Stuffed animals make no sense to me.
  25. Baby socks are not one size fits all.
  26. It is possible to love another being so much that it literally is painful to think of ever losing them.
  27. I am too sensitive to do cry it out. When I hear him screaming, I feel like he is wondering where I am and is truly sad and that is heart breaking.
  28. I’m fairly certain that I will be nursing for the rest of my natural life.
  29. You can consume alcohol if you are a nursing mom—but never co sleep, breastfeed, or generally go near the baby until it is out of your system. So it’s not really worth so much trouble.
  30. Breastfeeding hurts no matter what anyone says! But, it does get better no matter what anyone says.
  31. The experience of giving birth can not be explained in any book, film, advice, or any other way. It’s a one of a kind experience.
  32. Babies spit up more fluid than I think they take in.
  33. When my son was learning to sit up, he fell every second and it terrified me!
  34. As soon as I had my son, I considered everything awful that could possibly happen and how I would protect him.
  35. The world becomes a lot scarier once I had a child.
  36. I possibly know every symptom of every common baby disease or illness. This makes me feel better.
  37. Jaundice, though common and usually harmless, can cause severe long term problems and even death.
  38. Leaving my baby in the NICU was the most helpless and saddened I have ever felt in my life.
  39. I feel completely blessed to have my son every single day. Never wears off.
  40. Routines are nice, but have no place in my life.
  41. Savor every moment because once its gone, it’s gone.
  42. My son’s laugh is the highlight of my entire day.
  43. Baby food is very simple to make.
  44. No matter what I do, people like to chalk it up to me being a first time mom. “I breastfeed” because you’re a first time mom. “I make baby food” that first time mom syndrome.
  45. My elders know everything about parenting and I—I know nothing!
  46. My son is my son so I, along with his dad, am the boss.
  47. When deciding between hurting someone’s feelings and my son’s safety, I choose the latter.
  48. Everyone has advice. I ignored most of it.
  49. Pump a stash of milk for the babysitter, dad, or whoever to feed the baby.
  50. I need me time to survive. Me time includes solo bathroom trips, showers, reading, sleeping in my bed alone—you know, the essentials.
  51. Taking time for myself makes me feel guilty.
  52. Everything my son does is amazing.
  53. Hearing my son call me mama is unexplainable.
  54. Baby poop doesn’t smell too bad at first. Throw food in the mix and well we have a whole new beast
  55. For the first year of my son’s life, I never bought a can of formula or a jar of baby food and that’s feels pretty damn good.
  56. There is no use in regretting something I could have done better. Just learn from it and move on.
  57. Baby shoes are adorbs but completely useless unless baby is walking.
  58. Research should back up a gut feeling; a gut feeling shouldn’t be created from research.
  59. SIDS is awful, terrible, and the worst thing that can happen to a woman. There is nothing that can prevent it but there are factors that help it be a less likely chance. Don’t smoke, do breastfeed and encourage pacifiers, put baby on his back to sleep, empty crib, aside from fitted sheet on mattress.
  60. When the thought of my son falling off of the bed came to mind, it was terrifying. And then he fell off of the bed.
  61. Baby clothes are so annoying to fold.
  62. You never have enough undershirts.
  63. Even though you think you don’t need them, nursing bras are ESSENTIAL!
  64. My son’s little feet are freaking adorable.
  65. I never cease to be amazed at the fact that I, crazy me; I produced another life on this planet. Talk about feeling like super woman right!
  66. I have learned to always remain firm in my beliefs as a mother and to remember that I chose A over B for a reason.
  67. Mommy wars are ridiculous! To be honest, I really don’t care if someone chooses formula over breast milk or cloth over disposables. Love your baby and choose what is best for them, not convenient for you.
  68. Sometimes my son eats junk food that isn’t organically grown in Heaven’s garden. Eh, we all like pizza every now and again right?
  69. There is an expert article to support everything in the parenting world. “There’s been a study in Sri Lanka that shows babies that smile at 3 months as opposed to 3 months and 2 days grow up to be astronauts as opposed to writers”. So, you know where you can go with those expert articles.
  70. I wasn’t prepared for the anxiety brought on by trying to figure out how to put my son in the car seat.
  71. The first 6 months consisted of me hovering over my son while he slept to make sure he was breathing. If I have children in the future, I expect the first 6 months to go accordingly.
  72. Giving into my anxieties here and there makes me less anxious.
  73. Just when I feel like I can’t change another diaper or handle another tantrum, he looks me in my eyes and smiles and I am renewed.
  74. Turns out I can get a crap ton done during one nap session.
  75. One day my son was crawling slowly and in a blink he was walking like a pro. Moral of the story, never under estimate babies.
  76. While the 6 week paid maternity leave is just wonderful, I think an extra month or 3 would be even better.
  77. Going back to work after maternity leave was awful. The only thing that helped my nerves was the fact that my son’s grandmother was/is his caregiver. I am lucky.
  78. Choosing between playing with my son or doing work is laughable. Somehow that little face always wins.
  79. People and family that I thought would be in my son’s life are no where to be found. I have learned to be grateful for the ones that are.
  80. Baby nails grow overnight. I don’t know if that is a fact but it certainly seems so.
  81. Wipe warmers, diaper genies, and receiving blankets should be taken out of production today. They are useless!
  82. While my son tossed his pacifier in the trash at 6 months to never be seen or heard of again, it was my lifesaver for those first 6 months.
  83. I am still not sure why people pay $400 for highchairs and strollers.
  84. My personal recommendation: As soon as your child is old enough for a jogging stroller, get a jogging stroller.
  85. Baby carriers are incredibly heavy. Like, how is anyone supposed to carry around a baby in that thing?
  86. Often times, I wonder if my house will ever be clean again.
  87. The answer to #86 is no.
  88. Picture books are my favorite. I don’t just mean the classics like the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I love the new modern picture books that make you laugh out loud. Keep an eye out for my favorites list this gift giving season! Sneak peek: check out Mo Willems.
  89. Speaking of books, picture books are the only ones that I read.
  90. There is a hierarchy when it comes to diapers. Here it is: Pampers, Luvs, Huggies. Never get Huggies.
  91. When my son turned one, I felt a combination of excited that we made it this far while incredibly sad that he is no longer a baby.
  92. The first year of my son’s life was like walking through a path with occasional pot holes and rain drops but mostly sunny days and flowers.
  93. Your baby will bite you during breast feeding and it will hurt like a mother when they have teeth.
  94. While my son has entirely too much energy to watch cartoons, I still put them on and let me tell you that Sofia the First is an excellent program. Bubble Guppies is a close second.
  95. Baby hair is perfect. The perfect curl, bounce, color, shine; simply perfect.
  96. Putting my son’s snacks on the floor for him to eat makes more sense than putting them in a bowl that he will chuck across the room.
  97. The day I graduated college while holding my baby boy was one of my proudest moments ever. It made me feel like a superwoman.
  98. All holidays become more exciting when you have children.
  99. I had a party for my son’s first birthday and heard “he’s not even going to remember it” more than I want to even address. I did it and it was so much fun!
  100. Motherhood is not perfect and is full of ups and downs. But, this first year has taught me how to roll with the punches and simply enjoy this little life that we have created. I am beyond lucky.

7 thoughts on “100 Things I’ve Learned in My First Year of Motherhood

  1. I don’t have kids but I enjoyed reading this list 🙂 Great post


  2. I have thrre boys ages 25, 16, & 8 and I still remember all of these things about each one of their first years! Motherhood is awesome! I love the term superwoman! I still feel like one each and every day! 🙂 Love this post!


  3. goddessbodyfitness October 22, 2013 — 2:02 pm

    This post was soo sweet!! I love it


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