3 Ways to Add Fall to Your Fro

When the summer heat tapers off into shorter days and crisper nights, you know that the fall time is here. Of course the delicious apple pies and strategically placed pumpkins are nice reminders as well! Why not bottle up all of that fall beauty and give your fro an autumn twist? Here are a few ways you can sprinkle a bit of fall on to your natural style:

1. Chunky knit beanies- The thing I love about beanies is that they are both practical and stylish. They can cover up a bad hair day while looking effortlessly chic. On top of all of that, they are a fall staple. The chunky knitted beanies have an extra cozy factor to them. Choose the deep auburn and copper of the falling leaves of the season.

2. Fall inspired hair accessories- Add some fall inspired glam to your fro with great hair accessories. Think golds, browns, and oranges in hair clips and over sized flowers. Think outside of the box and consider texture as well as color. Rustic textures like wicker or burlap can make one of a kind accessories. I like this one made of cord like rope.

3. Knitted turban- This is another practical yet absolutely cute item. Knitted turbans are great for keeping your ears warm while adding a splash of unique style. They come in endless patterns and colors. Choosing the knitted version adds a bit of autumn. The best thing about knitted turbans is that you can wear your hair in an endless amount of styles which makes it extra unique.

Check out these fall inspired make up looks by Uzuri!

1 thought on “3 Ways to Add Fall to Your Fro

  1. these are some great ideas! I like the hair accessory you chose too!


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