Colorful Flag Banner Cake Topper

Colorful Flag Banner

As you probably can tell by now, my son’s birthday theme is the very colorful Crayola. What is great about this is that it is effortless to color coordinate which is a dream for a busy mom like– well like every mom. I have picked up on the little flag trend that sits on top of cakes like a banner. I think it is adorable so, of course, I just had to create my own version. So, here is what you will need to make yours:

Crafting supplies

Card stock (color of your choice)



Pen or pencil

Scissors or razor blade for easier cutting

A ribbon or yarn

Marker of your choice

1.  Draw two triangles on one piece of card stock. To make it easier on yourself, stack up the paper you want to use so that you can cut them out all at the same time. I only needed 5 pieces of paper so it wasn’t too thick to cut. If your stack is too thick, separate the stacks into manageable amounts.

2. Once you cut out the triangles, apply glue onto one side of the first triangle, place the ribbon or yarn on top of the triangle with the pointy end pointing down and the straight end at the top, and finally place the second triangle on top of the glue. Tip: the yarn should have about 6 inches of slack on each side so that you can tie it wherever you need to.

3. Repeat step 2 until you are finished with all of the triangles.

4. Write what you would like on the triangles. You can also choose to leave it blank especially if you used patterned paper.

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