Crayola Inspired Table Toppers

Crayola inspired party table toppers

As September continues on and October draws near– I’m starting to PANIC! My little man is no longer going to be considered a baby anymore. He is going to be–big gulp–a toddler. This, of course, has very little to do with these fabulous table toppers I made for his party. So, before I turn into a big sobbing mess, let’s get to these toppers!

I have a very distinct vision of how I would like this party to look. I would like 3 separate tables; activities/craft, food, desserts. The fact that the desserts has its own table will be addressed in a later post of this series. These cool toppers will be a great way to decorate while also helping to direct my guests to where everything is.

Table toppers suppliesWhat you will need:


Construction paper

Cardboard (an old box will work fine)

Craft glue

Box cutter or razor



Glitter (optional but when there is an option of glitter, always choose glitter!)

Step 1. Using your ruler and pen, sketch out your crayon shape on the cardboard. I chose to make a flat top but that is totally up to you. For more details on how I made my crayon shape, check out the crayon invites I made last week.

Step 2. Use your razor to cut out the crayon. You don’t have to use a razor blade but it is much easier than scissors.

Step 3. Brush out a layer of craft glue onto one side of your cut out. Lay this onto a sheet of construction paper covering as much of the cardboard as necessary. If the paper does not cover the entire surface, simply use the scraps to cover the rest

Step 4. Cut off the excess paper.

Step 5. Put the cut out to the side and begin to create the squiggles. Draw two parallel lines about 5 inches apart. In the middle of that, draw two squiggle lines about an inch apart. Cut out the drawing by cutting the outside straight lines first. Cut out the squiggle line next. You should be left with two strips of paper. One side is straight the other is a squiggle. Paste them one below the other towards the top of the crayon.

Step 6. Repeat step 5 and glue to the bottom of the crayon.

Step 7. Cut out an oval shape that is the length between the squiggle lines. Glue the oval between on the side in between the lines.

Step 8. Add glitter to the oval for some pizzazz!

Step 9. Write whatever you would like on the open space! Add a stick to put stick them on the tables or into the ground in the front yard.


Side note: I added the oval before the lines but would not suggest doing it that way!

4 thoughts on “Crayola Inspired Table Toppers

  1. This is a pretty cool project! Love it! I’m going to pin it 🙂


    1. Thank you!! I’m glad you like it!


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