This Avocado is Made for Conditioning– & That’s Just What It’ll Do!

How to apply my favorite avocado and coconut oil deep conditioner

Lately, my hair has been more dry than I would like it to be so I stopped by the farmers market for an extra ripe avocado to restore some moisture. In this video, I am using the shingling method to apply the conditioner. I used a recycled plastic bag to allow my body heat to create a steam bag. The steam opens up the cuticles of the hair which helps the conditioner penetrate more effectively.

The recipe is quite simple. Combine one very ripe avocado with liquefied coconut oil. You want to have a creamy consistency to the mixture to prevent clumps of avocado from being caught in your hair! Add olive oil for some extra moisture and shine. Follow up with the video to watch how I shingle it through my hair.

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