Sweaty Boobs!

Exercise tips for breastfeeding moms


For those of us that aren’t lucky enough to have the post baby weight melt off courtesy of breastfeeding, exercise is a must if we ever want to see that body again! On the bright side, your milk production and comfort don’t have to be compromised to achieve that Beyonce bod– OK; pre-pregnancy body!

1. Find and never let go of a reliable and comfortable sports bra!- This is essential to a good gym workout. Since us nursing moms have breasts that get larger the fuller we are, we need a bra that will accommodate that. If a bra is too tight or too small, the straps will cause an unnecessary amount of pressure on your shoulders which is a sure-fire way to get a terrible headache. You want a bra that is easy on the shoulders, and fits around your breasts even with your arms lifted.

2. Hydrate- If you are working out as hard as I know you are, than you are probably leaving the gym drenched in sweat. You want to make sure you stay hydrated and replace the water that you are losing. When you are dehydrated, among tons of other consequences, your body is not able to produce breast milk. So, drink up mama!

Pump/feed BEFORE the gym- Working out will not harm your milk. However, doing jump squats with overly full breasts sounds like trouble. Pump or feed your babe to ensure even and relieved breasts.


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6 thoughts on “Sweaty Boobs!

  1. This was very informative. I am breast feeding and my little one will be two months next week and I an going to start working out. I haven’t blogged in a while…. I need to start back.


    1. Yes! Working out will not harm your milk or supply. You can lose the baby weight (I’m still working on that and my son is 11 months old so don’t be hard on yourself) and give your baby earths best food!
      And jump back in to blogging! Us mommies need “me time”.


      1. Will do. Slowly but surely.


  2. I too am one of those mothers who is breastfeeding but the weight just isn’t coming off! My daughter is 7 months and I am just finally getting ready to start working out to loose the weight. Need to get a good sports bra before I try!


    1. Absolutely! A good bra is essential. I made the mistake of getting a bra that was too small and the straps were cutting into my shoulders making it impossible to workout.


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