Crayola Birthday Invitations

Crayola DIY invitations

My little baby is turning 1 in less than a month and I can’t believe it! I know it sounds extremely cheesy but it seems like I was waddling around with him in my belly just yesterday. Watching this little person that we created grow into such a curious, handsome miniature man is exciting and a bit sad all at once. Now that I’ve got all of my sad sappiness out, on to the Crayola invitations!

I am very much a do it yourself kind of mom. If I can find the ingredients for it, I’m up for doing it. My son’s party invites are no different. These invitations are beyond easy to make even though they look as though they took forever! I love how they look like an actual crayon and perfectly they fit into his party theme. Crayola DIY invitations

What you will need:

Sharpie Marker in black

Sharpie Marker in metallic (gold or silver)

Card Stock (I used the 4.5 x 6.5 in from Michael’s)


Gel Pen in black



Step 1: You want to start by drawing out a crayon shape on one piece of card stock. Your idea of how wide or slim, pointy or dull it should be is up to you. The measurements I used was 12 mm down on two sides, 3 mm diagonal on both sides, 1 1/2 mm across the top for a flat top, and about 5 mm across the bottom for the base. Once you trace the crayon, cut it out. You can use it as a template so that you do not have to measure it out every single time.Crayola DIY invitaton

Step 2: Using your black Sharpie and ruler, draw a straight line from one corner to the other where the bottom of the triangle and rectangle meet. About 1/2 mm below that draw another line. Create the 2 squiggle lines like a curvy road. Draw another straight line 1/2 mm below the bottom squiggle.

Crayola DIY invitations

Step 3. Repeat step 2 on the bottom of the crayon.

Step 4: Color in the portion above the squiggle and below the squiggle on the top and bottom of the crayon. Crayola DIY invitations

Step 5. You can fill in the middle with a simple greeting and write the party info on the back. Crayola DIY invitations

Be sure to check Youngfabnatural out every Thursday this month for great party ideas as I plan my son’s first birthday. Next week will be Crayola inspired party hats! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates and quirky daily happenings of a young naturalista mama @youngfabnatural!


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