Natural Hairmergencies: School Edition

On the first day of school, and probably everyday to follow, you want your natural hair to be bouncy, shiny, and flawless. I mean, don’t we all want everyday to be an Herbal Essences commercial type of hair day? Well, the only thing standing between you and a full 8 hour school day of perfect hair is everything. Dealing with the unexpected rainstorm that ultimately results in ridiculous humidity, the exhausting mile run during your middle of the day gym class, and the hairstyle that looked a whole lot better when you were in the dark this morning, can really transform a good hair day to a horrific mess.

Here are 3 tips to work through your most hair raising hairmergencies!

The boot camp gym class: I have never been the biggest fan of gym class as I don’t prefer being drenched in sweat in the middle of the day with the rest of my classes ahead of me.  I mean, sure it can be fun if you are the sporty type and it is kind of like having a free trainer– kinda. But, what about that awesome twist out you had in home room that has been reduced to a frizz ball unruly fro? Well, you can stop this situation before it has a chance to strike. Before gym class, gently finger part your hair down the middle. Twist each side in big flat twists with the ends meeting at the nape of your neck. Pin the ends with a bobby pin. This way, your curls can stay in place while preventing frizz. When your gym class is done, simply untwist and shake out.

The weather man said sunshine; he meant torrential downpour: The weather man promised nothing but clear skies and a shining sun so you decided to wear your hair down and free. Soon as you step one foot outside, the skies shift to a dreary slate like color and the swollen rain drops don’t just fall, they plummet downward all over your perfect hair style. Now what? You are too far to go back for an umbrella and decide to truck on to school with wet hair. Here’s what you do: as soon as you get indoors, go to the bathroom with a brush and hair tie in hand (brush is optional). Wring your hair out as much as possible so that it is not dripping everywhere. If you have an emergency kit, you should have some moisturizer handy. Finger comb or brush your hair up into a “wash-n-go”, courtesy of mother earth, pony puff.

It’s amazing how a dark room and sleepy eyes can make terrible hair look great: This has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. You are in a rush because you woke up with just enough time to shower, get dressed, and run out the door. Your hair takes a back seat so you do a quick style that seems to look ok until you are under the harsh fluorescent lights of your home room. Your hair is a disaster and you need a quick redo. Consider your fav go to styles. My fav style is a pony puff or a low bun with individual twists pinned up in the front (which is much easier than it sounds). If you can salvage the back of your hair, then pin back the front for a cute half up half down style.


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