How I Decided To Go Natural

I recently realized that I have never explained how I decided to go natural which is completely absurd! So, I think it is time to share!

Two years ago, I had barely shoulder length average hair. It was not great but I guess it was mediocre for what it was Anyways, I was considering dying my hair a deep red color similar to a color Miss RiRi had. Not the bright red variation though. When I was looking through Youtube, I saw a woman who commented on another video about how dying your hair can be damaging especially if it was chemically processed. Now, by this point I’d never really considered natural hair for myself even though my sister had dabbled in it and loved it.

As I got sucked more and more into Youtube with that “If you liked that than you will love this” icon, I stumbled on Natural  Chica. She was still in the beginning of her journey and was completely inspiring. Her hair was gorgeous but seemed obtainable which I think is so important. When you go on to Youtube and blogs, the women often times have unbelievably, and I do mean unbelievably, long luscious hair commercial locks. While it can be nice to drool over, it can sometimes make you look at your own hair like what am I doing wrong. Well, lucky for me that didn’t happen. I decided that day to go natural by transitioning.

During this time, I did research on how to care for my hair while still maintaining my cuteness. For the most part, I wore half wigs because I didn’t want to cause any heat damage from trying to blend my the permed and the kinky hair. It worked for me! During my transition period, I heard some of the most ridiculous comments ever as to why I shouldn’t go natural. The craziest was that there was a clay that I could apply to my hair to make it less nappy. Moving on.

The more committed I became to my natural journey, the more excited I became. After 4 months of growth, my sister clipped off my dead permed hair revealing soft and kinky coils. It was love at first sight and I’ve never looked back.

My best advice for someone considering going natural, is to just do it! If you hate it, which you won’t, you can reverse it and try again another time. My natural hair journey ignited my hunger for a healthier life inside and out. I mean, you can’t have this gorgeous hair while smoking cigs!

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