Hopes & Dreams: A Letter To My Son

Lessons to teach my son


Dear baby,

Where do I begin? You are growing up faster than my heart can handle and it is forcing me to realize that one day you will be a man who will have to navigate this world using the tools that your father and I provide. There is so much that I want you to know, so much to teach you. There will be infinite lessons to learn in our life together and you will learn them when the time is right. But, I want to tell you the lessons I’ve learned during my short time in this world:

1, Always tell the people who you love that you love them

2. If you feel like you need to cry, don’t hold it in to appear to be strong. Holding it in can cause irreversible damage.

3. Remember to always be kind. People can be everything that is evil in this world at times but don’t let that dictate how you will act and who will become.

4. Surround yourself with positivity at all times. Negativity is like the squishy moldy section of a firm succulent peach. If you don’t cut it out promptly, it will take over the entire fruit before you know it.

5. Don’t ever ever ever believe anyone that says you can’t because you always can.

6. Ask for help when you need it and offer help when you can.

7. When you hit the bottom and the tunnel of life seems to be getting longer and darker, remember there is an opening where the light is on the other side. So, keep moving until you get there and you will get there.

8. Have feelings, show emotions, be strong, and love deeply. Protect your heart as you can’t live without it but don’t push away the people and things that can make your heart beat stronger.

9. Enjoy life at all times. You do need money to live but don’t let it run your life ever! You will not be happy.

10. This is the lesson that I want you to never forget. No matter what you do or how impossible it seems, remember that your mother and father love you to no end and will pick you up every-single-time you fall. We are your number 1 cheerleader and greatest supporters. During your most glorious triumphs and your most devastating disappointments, we will love you.

There is much more that I want to tell you my son, but we have our entire lives together so lets not rush. Life can be painfully cruel at times and leave you feeling hopeless. But, on Oct. 3rd, life gave me the most precious gift and for that I will be eternally grateful.



What lessons do you want to teach your son or daughter?

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